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17 Dec 06 Maybe it was Mohamed Al Fayed who killed Diana and his son Sunday Independent
17 Dec 06 Crucified by tabloids for being in high spirits Sunday Independent
16 Dec 06 At last Hain will be found out The Spectator
    Dec 06 Collusion The First Post
10 Dec 06 Vulnerable suffer as bigots and freaks sit down at the top table Sunday Independent
03 Dec 06 Oof, you've said a mouthful Sunday Independent
03 Dec 06 It's good news for mankind that the Pope's a Catholic Sunday Independent
26 Nov 06 High-flier Willie falls at the cross Sunday Independent
12 Nov 06 Faces streaked bright red, the glass, the dust, and the dead Sunday Independent
06 Nov 06 Speaking Ill of the Dead: Countess Markievicz RTE Radio 1
29 Oct 06 Dangers of ghettos born out of multiculturalism Sunday Independent
17 Oct 06 Little sick Charlotte wins her right to life but now finds herself without a home Daily Telegraph
15 Oct 06 We live in interesting times, dulled by sops Sunday Independent
13 Oct 06 The Late Late Show: Wearing the Veil RTE 1 Television
08 Oct 06 Tories can't snub Boris, their colourful cavalier Sunday Independent
03 Oct 06 DUP plays long and cautious game The First Post
01 Oct 06 The ABGs owe Abu and Cherie Sunday Independent
01 Oct 06 A birthday present for Newshound Sunday Independent
17 Sep 06 Masterly inactivity is the key to movement Sunday Independent
17 Sep 06 Daily Ireland has gone away Sunday Independent
10 Sep 06 ABGs labour to find a way to stop Gordon the 'nutter' Sunday Independent
03 Sep 06 If you feel too old, take heart from words and Deedes Sunday Independent
 Sep 06 'The Outsider' - essay Britain and Ireland: Lives Entwined II, British Council
27 Aug 06 Fundamentalist lessons to be learnt by Irish academe Sunday Independent
27 Aug 06 Revealed: the naked truth about me, the IRA whistle-blower and the gay bondage orgy Sunday Independent
20 Aug 06 Government supports schools for scandal Sunday Independent
13 Aug 06 What UK and Irish Muslims can do for their countries Sunday Independent
04 Aug 06 Sorry, but I don't want to know Daily Mail
23 Jul 06 Muslim Brotherhood convinced the West has no heart for battle Sunday Independent
16 Jul 06 It is time to embrace mainstream Muslims Sunday Independent
09 Jul 06 Observe the sons and daughters of Ulster going to the Somme Sunday Independent
02 Jul 06 We're right to be proud of our great little nation now it's all grown-up Sunday Independent
25 Jun 06 Monsignor Denis Faul Sunday Independent
18 Jun 06 That State funeral was the behaviour of a banana republic Sunday Independent
    Jun 06 Charles Haughey - obituary Irish Independent
30 May 06 Why DOES Ken Loach loathe his country so much? Daily Mail
26 May 06 No jig was danced [letter] Daily Ireland
21 May 06 Charles is a good reason to keep Royal family in slavery Sunday Independent
14 May 06 Shock, horror as conspiracy theorists still buy into The Daily Diana Sunday Independent
07 May 06 A rebel reverend who bravely calls the Orangemen to order Sunday Independent
30 Apr 06 Trio of clowns means Blair looks shagged Sunday Independent
23 Apr 06 SF's love-bombing of unionists rings hollow Sunday Independent
15 Apr 06 The Easter Rising: immoral, illegal and a catalyst to mayhem Daily Mail
15 Apr 06 VILLAINS or villains? Irish Independent
02 Apr 06 My granny was one of our great green harpies Sunday Independent
12 Mar 06 The oil of respect to calm the waters of the Troubles Sunday Independent
08 Mar 06 The rape of common sense? Daily Mail
05 Mar 06 Riots expose shame of our bigotry and ignorance Sunday Independent
26 Feb 06 Emerald Isle's 40 shades of hypocrisy Sunday Independent
26 Feb 06 What's the job of an RTE political editor, exactly? Sunday Independent
19 Feb 05 Does Madam wish to attend a beheading? Sunday Independent
05 Feb 06 Questioning right to life of a sacred cow Sunday Independent
05 Feb 06 Flynn gives a dual lesson in class warfare Sunday Independent
29 Jan 06 After dumping a drunk, the Lib Dems stumble all over the place Sunday Independent
22 Jan 06 Row not getting anyone Down Sunday Independent
15 Jan 06 No bank job too big for Sinn Fein Sunday Independent
15 Jan 06 No ruckus rustled up from Irish-American reliables Sunday Independent
01 Jan 06 Making a great little nation even better Sunday Independent



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"Ruth Dudley Edwards' account of the Omagh bomb is all the more heartbreaking for her mastery of the small human details… Its portrayal of cruelty and suffering is relevant far beyond Ireland. It should be compulsory reading for everyone – terrorists and state forces – contemplating planting, or dropping, a bomb in conflict."
Sunday Tribune

"The brilliant new book by Ruth Dudley Edwards that charts the story of the bombing and of the families’ long and defiant fight for some sort of justice."
Belfast Telegraph

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