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23 Dec 07 Living poles apart in a parallel existence doesn't benefit anyone Sunday Independent
16 Dec 07 A week that would do panto season proud Sunday Independent
16 Dec 07 Optimistic Black pinning his hopes on an appeal Sunday Independent
9 Dec 07 The Prince's man must face down lawyer in grotesque courtroom charade Sunday Independent
2 Dec 07 Sneaking sympathy turns to mourning Sunday Independent
25 Nov 07 Revenue data scandal is a welcome wake-up call Sunday Independent
25 Nov 07 Death-threat woman has advice for Ireland Sunday Independent
11 Nov 07 Muslim issue will turn and bite us if we fail to act Sunday Independent
5 Nov 07 We are sleepwalking as our freedoms are eroded Daily Mail
4 Nov 07 It is the mischief and laughter that I'll miss most about Tony (Anthony Clare) Sunday Independent
2 Nov 07 The Met: 'It's time to cut out the rot – starting at the top' Daily Mail
28 Oct 07 Naked truth of ludicrous contemporary art scene Sunday Independent
19 Oct 07 Their view may be offensive, but trying to silence Martin Amis and James Watson's religion and race comments is even more so Daily Mail
14 Oct 07 Brown is good for a laugh, if nothing else Sunday Independent
13 Oct 07 Bouchercon diary The Irish Times
7 Oct 07 What Di farce comes down to is pure spite Sunday Independent
30 Sept 07 Officious legalities tick all wrong boxes Sunday Independent
22 Sept 07 You know where you are with the Doc The Irish Times
16 Sept 07 What do Osama Bin Laden and Gerry Adams have in Common? Sunday Independent
13 Sept 07 Exclusive picture: Ronnie Biggs as he faces death in prison Daily Mail
2 Sept 07 This dutiful Duchess has brought peace of mind to a troubled man Sunday Independent
26 Aug 07 SF is back playing 'wind up the Prods' Sunday Independent
21 Aug 07 Has the law deprived Frances Lawrence of justice? Daily Mail
19 Aug 07 Memories of Nixon demise as Black is not brought to book Sunday Independent
18 Aug 07 Time to start pounding away at Gordon Brown Daily Telegraph
12 Aug 07 London's calling to Boris, but his rivals are closing in fast Sunday Independent
12 Aug 07 Conrad Black is left fighting for his reputation, not his freedom Sunday Independent
5 Aug 07 The Black art of skating on very thin ice Sunday Independent
1 Aug 07 The dangers of 'spare part' babies Daily Mail
29 July 07 We are being conditioned into becoming mammies' boys Sunday Independent
22 July 07 The tousle-haired toff versus the newt king Sunday Independent
22 July 07 No gloating over Conrad Black's fall Sunday Independent
15 July 07 Guilty Black's most heinous offence was against style Sunday Independent
15 July 07 A man hopeless at biting his tongue, except in his diaries Sunday Independent
8 July 07 Grim Black days of waiting as Conrad's fortune hangs in the balance Sunday Independent
8 July 07 After Glasgow the doctor jokes have a killing Islamist twist Sunday Independent
2 July 07 Could those whose duty it is to SAVE lives really set out to cause such carnage? Daily Mail
1 July 07 Conrad Black trial exposes naked greed - and that's just the lawyers Sunday Independent
1 July 07 He won't have Blair to blame any more Sunday Independent
24 Jun 07  Here in Toronto we have no idea Sunday Independent
18 Jun 07 A fellow writer gives her verdict on the Salman Rushdie controversy Daily Mail
17 Jun 07 Blair may have a point in his criticism of the media Sunday Independent
17 Jun 07   Then the RTE man came skiing in . . . Sunday Independent
10 Jun 07 No Trump card as trial avoids bad hair day Sunday Independent
08 Jun 07 Cynical, sadistic and moronic...I love BB Daily Mail
03 Jun 07   Case against Black is lost in translation Sunday Independent
27 May 07  All together now: sit down and shut up, Conrad  Sunday Independent
20 May 07  Lies, damned lies - and the trial of Conrad Black Sunday Independent
20 May 07  Unpleasant truths behind the smiling mask of Sinn Fein Sunday Independent
18 May 07 What boys might actually want to read Daily Telegraph
13 May 07 Oh Gord, I'm shouting 'Tony, please don't go' Sunday Independent
13 May 07 Chandeliers shed little light on Lord Black and the Snitch Sunday Independent
05 May 07 Will Britain one day be Muslim? Daily Mail
06 May 07 The mystery of how three auditors all missed same telling paragraphs Sunday Independent
29 Apr 07 Many grey areas in the trial of Black, the colourful tycoon Sunday Independent
22 Apr 07 Conrad sickened by people civil to 'the Nazis' Sunday Independent
22 Apr 07  Trimble will find himself at home among the Tories Sunday Independent
15 Apr 07 In defence of common sense and Conrad Black Sunday Independent
08 Apr 07 Kissinger on Black list of witnesses for the defence Sunday Independent
08 Apr 07 Facts don't feature in the angry life of Brian Sunday Independent
01 Apr 07 Bertie and Ian, experts at the political volte-face Sunday Independent
01 Apr 07 'Concoction of calumnies by envious lickspittles'? Sunday Independent
27 Mar 07 A historic day - but for all the wrong reasons Daily Telegraph
26 Mar 07 Northern Ireland: a curious kind of peace The First Post
25 Mar 07 Conrad really may have gone too far this time Sunday Independent
18 Mar 07 Colourful man aroused by excess may not be as Black as he is painted Sunday Independent
11 Mar 07 Narrow minds are the real obstacle in fight against drugs Sunday Independent
04 Mar 07 Not the Times I see, Madam Sunday Independent
25 Feb 07 The dinosaurs once again stalk the northern terrain Sunday Independent
17 Feb 07 Saturday Essay: race relations Daily Mail
11 Feb 07 Head for integration while you still can Sunday Independent
03 Feb 07 Sleepwalking with the enemy Daily Telegraph
29 Jan 07 Why it suits Sinn Fein to do policing deal now Daily Telegraph
28 Jan 07 Put Edna on a real desert island, please Sunday Independent
21 Jan 07 Seán Mac Réamoinn Sunday Independent
21 Jan 07 Why I disliked and distrusted David Ervine Sunday Independent
14 Jan 07 Too bright for Brotherhood Sunday Independent
07 Jan 07 We can't be ostriches about the downside of immigration Sunday Independent



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