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23 Dec 2012 My alternative Christmas list Sunday Independent
21 Dec 2012 Unionist Florum welcome in these desperate times Belfast Telegraph
1 Dec 2012 Cameron stands back in the rush to judgement Sunday Independent
1 Dec 2012 The Turner Prize is boring The Spectator
30 Nov 2012 Repeat after me: 'The Emerors are naked' Telegraph Blog
29 Nov 2012 Who will control the lawyers? Telegraph Blog
28 Nov 2012 At last, the real shark is exposed: As prices for Damien Hirst's works plummet, pity the credulous saps who spent fortunes on his tosh Daily Mail
28 Nov 2012 Responses to Leveson will show the divide between authoritarians and libertarians Telegraph Blog
23 Nov 2012 Press regulation: 'You can't say that!' Oh yes, we can Telegraph Blog
20 Nov 2012 No more wrongdoing or lies - just mistakes and misspeaks Telegraph Blog
19 Nov 2012 Why not give prisoners the vote? Telegraph Blog
18 Nov 2012 The BBC has its faults, but there is still much worth celebrating Sunday Independent
14 Nov 2012 Keep your filthy tribal hands off The Archers, Polly Telegraph Blog
13 Nov 2012 The General Petraeus affair is Jeremy Kyle translated into the corridors of power Telegraph Blog
12 Nov 2012 BBC insiders are fearful and compromised: it's time to look outside Telegraph Blog
11 Nov 2012 Spin and Sandy lost Romney the election Sunday Independent
8 Nov 2012 Now, Mr President, please chillax until you've recovered Telegraph Blog
6 Nov 2012 When people are grief-stricken, let them grieve Telegraph Blog
5 Nov 2012 I hope Obama loses, even if the rest of the world wants him to win Telegraph Blog
4 Nov 2012 Sandy blows in and adds colour to White House race Sunday Independent
2 Nov 2012 Being an Irish republican means never having to say you're sorry Telegraph Blog
30 Oct 2012 Too many literary critics are vampires Telegraph Blog
28 Oct 2012 Black is back -- let's hear his side of the story Sunday Independent
26 Oct 2012 We've stopped condoning secual harrassment, but hardcore porn poses a new threat Telegraph Blog
21 Oct 2012 USA's pioneer spirit makes many suspicious of Obama Sunday Independent
19 Oct 2012 Whatever bad decisions the BBC made about Jummy Savile in the past, they're making it all worse now Telegraph Blog
17 Oct 2012 Offend someone today: join the national conversation Telegraph Blog
14 Oct 2012 The French do a much better class of scandal than we do Sunday Independent
16 Oct 2012 The internet is sometimes good, and sometimes bad, but it's always interesting Telegraph Blog
9 Oct 2012 Only in the lunatic asylum of the art market would a Rothko be worth millions of pounds Telegraph Blog
8 Oct 2012 Agatha Christie has always been the target of snobs. We should stand up for her Telegraph Blog
7 Oct 2012 Obama pays the price for a show of contempt Sunday Independent
5 Oct 2012 Are Galloway and Livingstone yesterday's men? Telegraph Blog
4 Oct 2012 The real test of One Nation ideology is Northern Ireland Telegraph Blog
1 Oct 2012 The market in modern art is rotten to its core Telegraph Blog
28 Sept 2012 An amnesty for hotel pilferers Telegraph Blog
26 Sept 2012 I think you need a dose of James Thurber Telegraph Blog
25 Sept 2012 Let us remember the dead of the RUC Telegraph Blog
24 Sept 2012 Ulster Covenant: How Edward Carson rose from politician to a vistionary statesman Belfast Telegraph
24 Sept 2012 Obama has Romney to thank for being his best hope of re-election Sunday Independent
24 Sept 2012 The Dark Ages of tabloid journalism did not start with Page 3 Telegraph Blog
20 Sept 2012 An ode to a socialist on his 90th birthday Telegraph Blog
18 Sept 2012 Good riddance to the tidy ghastliness of England's old municipal gardens Telegraph Blog
14 Sept 2012 The ugly truth about Islam and homosexuality Telegraph Blog
12 Sept 2012 So Edwina Currie and I are 'two barmy bints'. Never mind: I quite enjoy green ink Telegraph Blog
11 Sept 2012 Edwina Currie - so hilariously self-centred that it's hard to keep a straight face Telegraph Blog
10 Sept 2012 I take offence when accused of being politically correct Telegraph Blog
9 Sept 2012 Obama needs a masterclass from Willie Sunday Independent
6 Sept 2012 The bullying George Galloway has become a creepy joke Telegraph Blog
3 Sept 2012 How sockpuppets are murdering crime fiction Telegraph Blog
2 Sept 2012 Republicans' focus on the positive brings success Sunday Independent
26 Aug 2012 He craved notoriety, now he's a laughing stock Sunday Independent
19 Aug 2012 Battle for Veep is where the action is Sunday Independent
12 Aug 2012 Boris, Cameron, and the green-eyed monster Sunday Independent
5 Aug 2012 What even brave Katie can't beat Sunday Independent
29 July 2012 A free press is essential and must not be nobbled by the judges Sunday Independent
22 July 2012 Obama hands an early gift to Republicans Sunday Independent
15 July 2012 Lad's verbal brawls aren't just on pitch Sunday Independent
8 July 2012 Crackpot cult leader Hubbard was the third person in TomKat's marriage Sunday Independent
1 July 2012 McGuinness embraces his defeat Sunday Independent
24 June 2012 Sweden could be safest option for paranoid Assange Sunday Independent
23 June 2012 A second chance for churlish leader Daily Telegraph
23 June 2012 Queen will do her duty with her usual grace Belfast Telegraph
June 2012 Strike Off the Band Standpoint
19 June 2012 Gitta Sereny: women are not afraid to look evil in the eye Daily Telegraph
17 June 2012 Tweet at centre of a 'Dallas in Elysee' drama Sunday Independent
10 June 2012 The Queen offers a sense of continuity in a restless world Sunday Independent
3 June 2012 Turf wars expose the rot within Holy See Sunday Independent
27 May 2012 Euro crisis is a real threat to Obama Sunday Independent
20 May 2012 Brooks seems unlikely to spare her friends Sunday Independent
13 May 2012 Tribulations over, Conrad is back home Sunday Independent
6 May 2012 Boris won by breaking the mould Sunday Independent
29 Apr 2012 Read all about it: we can actually learn something from Murdoch Sunday Independent
22 Apr 2012 Silvio shows he still loves playing party politics Sunday Independent
15 Apr 2012 Why France is titillated by Sarkozy's private life Sunday Independent
1 Apr 2012 Che Guevara should not be immortalised in Galway Sunday Independent
22 Mar 2012 Romney can draw line under Etch-A-Sketch blooper Sunday Independent
22 Mar 2012 Bertie Ahern will be feeling very ill-used today ... an older and sadder man Independent blog
18 Mar 2012 The strange case of the two Roy Greenslades Sunday Independent
11 Mar 2012 Obama faces negative advertising on huge scale Sunday Independent
26 Feb 2012 It'll be Rombo v Obama, say Facebook forecasters Sunday Independent
19 Feb 2012 Boris Johnson and Sinn Fein Sunday Independent
12 Feb 2012 Santorum is just another twist in this evolving tale Sunday Independent
5 Feb 2012 Twisted concept of honour shames any civilised society Sunday Independent
29 Jan 2012 Ceremony for forgotten Irish marks efforts of two 'fighters' Sunday Independent
29 Jan 2012 Daniels may yet be the Republicans' White Knight Sunday Independent
22 Jan 2012 Obama's best hope lies in a savage media Sunday Independent
22 Jan 2012 I am proud to be part of this 'small army' Sunday Independent
15 Jan 2012 Nobody emerges with credit from Boston College fiasco Sunday Independent
8 Jan 2012 Republicans know they can oust weak Obama from power Sunday Independent
1 Jan 2012 Deportation orders Sunday Independent
1 Jan 2012 When he's in good form, Philip really is Prince Charming Sunday Independent



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