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29 Dec  2013 Why I show no mercy to Ming, McFeely and Adams Sunday Independent
22 Dec  2013 No winners in a sorded tale of a celebrity home Sunday Independent
18 Dec  2013 A nasty thug to the endRuth contributes to an article after the death of Ronnie Biggs Daily Mail
15 Dec  2013 Gulf between Mandela and Provos Sunday Independent
8 Dec  2013 Nigella shows the world that she is not a victim Sunday Independent
1 Dec  2013 How Murdoch was reborn at 82 Sunday Independent
24 Nov  2013 Pythons bring the dead parrot back to life with plans for London live show Sunday Independent
24 Nov  2013 Pushing the barge out to welcome our President Sunday Independent
22 Nov  2013 Ulster's dead deserve justice, whether they were killed by the British Army or the IRA Telegraph Blog
17 Nov  2013 King of phone hackers was tabloids' go-to guy Sunday Independent
11 Nov  2013 Prince Charles: The Irish Connection Belfast Telegraph
10 Nov  2013 How NOTW became the red-top story of the year Sunday Independent
3 Nov  2013 Affiar exposed on historic day for British press Sunday Independent
27 October  2013 The game is afoot: crime writers see whowonit Sunday Independent
20 October  2013 Do the British have a better class of convict than we do? Sunday Independent
15 October  2013 Grayson Perry may dress as a woman — but he's got the balls to take on the ludicrous modern art establishment Telegraph Blog
13 October  2013 Holmes versus Moriarty, but which one is which? Sunday Independent
7 October  2013 Speaking up for Israel Board of British Jews
6 October  2013 US beyond ken of Founding Fathers Sunday Independent
29 Sept  2013 Saatchi and Trinny find love in a rather convenient place Sunday Independent
18 Sept  2013 The Queen is more popular than Peter Robinson - but what is Her Majesty's secret? Belfast Telegraph
8 Sept  2013 Syria is just one battlefield in a civil war Sunday Independent
1 Sept  2013 Windsors are impressively functional Sunday Independent
29 August  2013 How will George Galloway, the member for Damascus West, exploit the Syria debate? Telegraph Blog
25 August  2013 Could Duchess Fergie and Prince Andrew really be about to remarry? Sunday Independent
25 August  2013 Risible 'Guardian' is no friend of freedom Sunday Independent
18 August  2013 Wife Nigella's fame just too hot for Saatchi Sunday Independent
11 August  2013 He may be smug and deluded – but France needs DSK Sunday Independent
11 August  2013 Papa's golden girl Marina poised to take Silvio's throne Sunday Independent
4 August  2013 Gay-friendly Pope deserves to be praised Sunday Independent
1 August  2013 The point of the Tate was to bring art to the people, not to promote rubbish and a self-serving elite Telegraph Blog
30 July  2013   Belfast Telegraph
28 July  2013 The Firm shows dazed newshounds who's boss Sunday Independent
25 July  2013 You can call the Irish President gay and get away with it. But if you make the same mistake with the DUP... Telegraph Blog
21 July  2013 It's time to learn to love our 'Britishness' Sunday Independent
14 July  2013 Mega-rich Saatchi brothers are worlds apart in matters of the heart Sunday Independent
7 July  2013 Murdoch is still burning and raving in his old age Sunday Independent
27 June  2013 The Germans have fallen out of love with the Irish Telegraph Blog
24 June  2013 When did police decide their job was to smear crime victims, instead of protecting them Daily Mail
23 June  2013 Terry's star turn shows the Triumph of Ireland Fund Sunday Independent
23 June  2013 Despite all the 'yabble', we owe Bertie for Good Friday deal Sunday Independent
16 June  2013 The scramble for reasons behind the Murdoch split Sunday Independent
16 June  2013 Forget sex and spooks, virtual spies are a bigger threat Sunday Independent
11 June  2013 Ken Clarke, Bilderberg and world domination Telegraph Blog
2 June  2013 Unlucky general Hollande is bad news for France Sunday Independent
26 May  2013 Gay marriage tricky sell to Tory 'loons' Sunday Independent
24 May  2013 Damien Hirst proves there's no justice Telegraph Blog
19 May  2013 Sex victims see price of craven unwillingness to face facts Sunday Independent
12 May  2013 Little risk of Queen going Dutch and bowing out Sunday Independent
8 May  2013 Ireland rights an old, miserable wrong of Eamon de Velera's Telegraph Blog
5 May  2013 A crock of gold for libel tourists who bring cases to the Emerald Isle Sunday Independent
28 April  2013 Gallic 'Jimmy Carter' is a man who is in desperate need of a personality Sunday Independent
22 April  2013 More from the bottom of Tracey Emin's barrel Telegraph Blog
21 April  2013 Hers was truly a life less ordinary Sunday Independent
15 April  2013 The pot Adams and the kettle Thatcher Telegraph Blog
14 April  2013 Our President betrays his leftie leanings Sunday Independent
11 April  2013 James Joyce and the Irish central bank: a curious relationship Telegraph Blog
10 April  2013 The Good Friday Agreement was better than we feared Telegraph Blog
9 April  2013 Margaret Thatcher blazed a trail that allowed women to walk the corridors of power  
9 April  2013 Lest we forget how terrible things were: The woman who saved Britain - the verdict of three historians Daily Mail
7 April  2013 Sad and sordid tale of sex-mad bully Sunday Independent
31 March  2013 The man who would, and could, be king Sunday Independent
27 March  2013 David Miliband's emigration has removed a frightful burden from his brother Telegraph Blog
24 March  2013 I'm hacked off with stars and politicians curbing press Sunday Independent
18 March  2013 Anti-Semitism is a light sleeper. Look at Agatha Christie Telegraph Blog
11 March  2013 To hell with those who would sell out the Falklands islanders. Our loyalty to them is a matter of national honour Telegraph Blog
11 March  2013 Shed tears not for Chavez, but for the land he ruined Sunday Independent
5 March  2013 Korean Provos aim to set the street alight Telegraph Blog
4 March  2013 It's time the NHS's Pope David followed Pope Benedict into retirement Telegraph Blog
3 March  2013 People are not laughing when they vote for 'jokers' Sunday Independent
27 Feb  2013 Twitter is right. We have to tolerate the trolls Telegraph Blog
24 Feb  2013 Sex scandal's allure is still intact 50 years on Sunday Independent
21 Feb  2013 Vicky Pryce case: don't blame the jury - those questions were reasonable Telegraph Blog
18 Feb  2013 Gerry Adams returns to the nursery Telegraph Blog
17 Feb  2013 A stiff upper lip helps one to appreciate French farce Sunday Independent
14 Feb  2013 Attack of the cane toads: we're all doomed. Well, Australians are anyway Telegraph Blog
11 Feb  2013 It's time Cardinal Bertone and his wrecking-crew were run out of town Telegraph Blog
10 Feb  2013 A grotesque display of emotional incontinence in public Sunday Independent
8 Feb  2013 Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! David Cameron has released his inner Machiavelli Telegraph Blog
5 Feb  2013 The Republic of Ireland and the Irish Roman Catholic Church subsidise anti-sematism Telegraph Blog
3 Feb  2013 Provo apologists are taking leaf our of Orwell's 1984 Sunday Independent
31  Jan  2013 All institutions need to recruit outsiders Telegraph Blog
29  Jan  2013 Just because you cough doesn't mean you're a bad person Telegraph Blog
28  Jan  2013 'The Jews crucified Our Lord': Irish antisemitism and the complicity of the Catholic bishops Telegraph Blog
25  Jan  2013 Dolours Price is a lesson in the ugly futility of Irish republican terrorism Telegraph Blog
22  Jan  2013 Tracey Emin as role model? Thanks, but no thanks Telegraph Blog
22  Jan  2013 Gerry Adams: he hasn't gone away, you know Telegraph Blog
18  Jan  2013 Pusillanimity, thy name is Labour Telegraph Blog
16  Jan  2013 The future is with Michael Gove, not with Sir Humphrey Telegraph Blog
14  Jan  2013 Northern Ireland is devolved: let local politicians clean it up Telegraph Blog
13  Jan  2013 Journalist and renowned historian Robert Kee's major intellectual passion was Ireland Sunday Independent
13  Jan  2013 Bardot's Russian to copy jumbo Gerard Sunday Independent
12  Jan  2013 Grow up! The world is fed up with you Belfast Telegraph
11 Jan 2013 Nothing personal, but I think Harry and the Glorious Revolution should take precedence over the Countess of Wessex Telegraph Blog
9 Jan 2013 It's time in Northern Ireland to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative Telegraph Blog
8 Jan 2013 It all depends on what you mean by 'nice' Telegraph Blog
6 Jan 2013 The dame who chose to arise and follow Charlie Sunday Independent
4 Jan 2013 She ay be a CBE, but Tracey Emin is still naked Telegraph Blog
1 Jan 2013 Actually, I think most people are nice Telegraph Blog



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"She is one of the most important contemporary writers on Ireland and this is compulsive reading... the entire work is an Irish masterpiece." 

"Dudley Edwards’ finely-researched book benefits from her own proximity to the events and her personal knowledge of the protagonists - the hitherto ordinary people - who took on the Real IRA in the courts, even though there was no precedent anywhere in the world for what they sought to achieve. For anyone interested in this chilling area of recent Irish history, Aftermath is recommended reading."
Sunday Business Post

"It is a remarkable and moving story, told in masterly fashion by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Her narrative grips from the start. It is as compelling as a thriller and displays the sympathetic imagination of a great novel... This is an extraordinary and uplifting story of how a group of ordinary people managed to get the justice they sought. It is beautifully told."

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