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28 December 2015 My list of people Northern Ireland would be a lot better off without Belfast Telegraph
27 December 2015 Out, out, out: the deportations list Sunday Independent
21 December 2015 Famine novel will only appeal to the grievance junkies Belfast Telegraph
14 December 2015 At last, the courts defend our right to expose hoodlums Belfast Telegraph
7 December 2015 Sinn Fein edifice shakes as signs of dissent surface Belfast Telegraph
2 December 2015 Does IRS killer Seamus Kearney have no shame? Anyone with decency would be begging forgiveness Belfast Telegraph
30 November 2015 Sinn Fein's politics are as outdated as the party's leaders Belfast Telegraph
29 November 2015 Leave the statues alone: they're part of our history Sunday Independent
23 November 2015 West right to wage war, but Muslims are not the enemy Belfast Telegraph
22 November 2015 Deluded feminists divide us and imperil basic freedoms Sunday Independent
16 November 2015 David McNarry should sort out problems closer to home Belfast Telegraph
15 November 2015 Paris, Balcombe Street and unusual US donors Sunday Independent
14 November 2015 Saturday night fever: The alternatives to reality shows Belfast Telegraph
1 November 2015 Orange reaction to KKK painting hurts free speech Belfast Telegraph
1 November 2015 Gerry Adams: grievances, spies, spooks and the lies Sunday Independent
2 November 2015 Easter Rising rebels were idealists, but Sinn Fein are foul opportunists Belfast Telegraph
1 November 2015 Adams has to travel in two different directions Sunday Independent
26 October 2015 Blustering Gerry Adams just unites his foes with his denials Belfast Telegraph
26 October 2015 Dilenced by feminazis: The disturbing (and bitterly ironic) story of how Germaine Greer is having her voice snatched away by feminist students Daily Mail
25 October 2015 Time to think carefully about who we want in government Sunday Independent
19 October 2015 Victims must not be deserted for sake of political expediency Belfast Telegraph
18 October 2015 Some awkward questions on the Easter Proclamation Sunday Independent
12 October 2015 People cannot be forced to enjoy a different culture Belfast Telegraph
11 October 2015 Enduring lure of mystery keeps crime writers busy Sunday Independent
5 October 2015 Sectarian statues will provoke only bigotry and hatred Belfast Telegraph
4 October 2015 It's time to get over the fact that the Great Famine was not genocide Sunday Independent
28 September 2015 Former RUC hero stands in stark contrast to vain Sinn Fein leader Belfast Telegraph
27 September 2015 What can we really expect from a pig but a grunt or two? Sunday Independent
26 September 2015 What students really need to know about starting out at university Belfast Telegraph
21 September 2015 John McDonnell gave us a sorry excuse for an apology Belfast Telegraph
20 September 2015 Not much fun for Jezza in the job he never wanted Sunday Independent
14 September 2015 Adams' blog gives insight, but not in a way he intends Belfast Telegraph
13 September 2015 It's time that Sinn Fein sorted out its own problems Sunday Independent
8 September 2015 Greenslated's bid at full disclosure falls short for me Belfast Telegraph
30 August 2015 Dead being used to inspire others to kill for Ireland Belfast Telegraph
30 August 2015 Still obediently following Fenian instruction booklet Sunday Independent
24 August 2015 Only by admitting to tribalism will we one day conquer it Belfast Telegraph
17 August 2015 Many still cling to misguided ideas of the men of 1916 Belfast Telegraph
16 August 2015 Sexpot Trot gets Left ll hot and bothered Sunday Independent
10 August 2015 Be grateful and ignore Sinn Dein's victimhood myth Belfast Telegraph
9 August 2015 Ted Heath: A man who didn't fancy anyone Sunday Independent
3 August 2015 Frankie Boyle so vile that he even managed to split Sinn Fein Belfast Telegraph
2 August 2015 I'm sorry to sound hard-hearted, but we are definitely not Cecil Belfast Telegraph
20 July 2015 Orange Order needs to face up to reality and act positively on parades issue Belfast Telegraph
19 July 2015 Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States. Should we worry? Sunday Independent
13 July 2015 My fascust granny taught me the dangers of nationalism Belfast Telegraph
12 July 2015 Polygamy, polygyny, polyandry? What's next? Sunday Independent
6 July 2015 Sinn Fein winding up unionists with a ban on humour Belfast Telegraph
5 July 2015 Sinn Fein is panicking as its brothers wreak havoc in Greece Sunday Independent
29 June 2015 Brave acts cast the spotlight on bigotry of others Belfast Telegraph
28 June 2015 Obama should maybe follow his own advice and listen to his opponents Sunday Independent
24 June 2015 As they arrive in Germany, why Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh are an inspiration Belfast Telegraph
22 June 2015 Two very different sides of the sexual equality debate Belfast Telegraph
21 June 2015 Hilary or Jeb? There are other choices to a dynastic succession Sunday Independent
15 June 2015 Proud Orangemen are pro-Protestant, not anti-Catholic Belfast Telegraph
14 June 2015 Galway is confused, but he's right about Paisley Sunday Independent
8 June 2015 Scots lead way in how Orangemen can reach others Belfast Telegraph
7 June 2015 Obituary: Charles Kennedy Sunday Independent
7 June 2015 At all costs, get the pronouns right Sunday Independent
1 June 2015 Spoilt MPs want more from bank of mum and dad Belfast Telegraph
31 May 2015 The winds of change are blowing through Europe Sunday Independent
27 May 2015 A death dividing Britain: It's such an emotive issue — was this father of three girls right to take his life at a Swiss clinic? Here, three writers give their different view Daily Mail
27 May 2015 Kyle Paisley hints his twin is the man to tame DUP nest of vipers Belfast Telegraph
25 May 2015 Spare a thought for those who voted No in Ireland Daily Telegraph
24 May 2015 This was more like an assault than a handshake Sunday Independent
20 May 2015 Prince Charles has nothing to opolgise for but is happy to forgive — it's a pty Gerry Adams can't do the same Belfast Telegraph
18 May 2015 Dubious eulogy to Jock Davison worthy of proper debate Belfast Telegraph
17 May 2015 The old leaders of Sinn Fein just won't let go Sunday Independent
11 May 2015 Unionists must put the UK above party advantage Belfast Telegraph
10 May 2015 English preferred steady George Osborne to flaky Russell Brand Sunday Independent
4 May 2015 Why we should all just give the Old Testament a rest Belfast Telegraph
3 May 2015 It's all to play for in the British general election Sunday Independent
1 May 2015 Dawn Purvis' background as an apologist for killers cannot be erased Belfast Telegraph
27 Apr 2015 Queen's University cannot simply give in to murderous thugs Belfast Telegraph
26 Apr 2015 Obituary: Lord Mason of Barnsley Sunday Independent
20 Apr 2015 Sinn Fein's trolls scored own goal with John Coyle attack Belfast Telegraph
19 Apr 2015 Why are we still listening to the 1916 Secret Seven Sunday Independent
13 Apr 2015 Ignore the hysteria and get justice for victimes of Kincora Belfast Telegraph
12 Apr 2015 We should support the Pope's crusade against Islamism Sunday Independent
6 Apr 2015 How Republicans love to perpetuate the romantic myth Belfast Telegraph
5 Apr 2015 Sinn Fein trapped in a time warp Sunday Independent
5 Apr 2015 Once discarded like a dead stray, Jean McConfille hasn't gone away, you know Sunday Independent
30 Mar 2015 MEP Anderson's picky about what causes to favour Belfast Telegraph
29 Mar 2015 Lentils all round: the BBC mishandles Clarkson affair Sunday Independent
23 Mar 2015 Mitchel McLaughlin has the perfect attributes for Speaker's job Belfast Telegraph
16 Mar 2015 Sinn Fein and its tenuous, tribal claims on Rising Belfast Telegraph
15 Mar 2015 Obituary: Politician James Molyneaux Sunday Independent
15 Mar 2015 When in trouble, the party just stages another crisis Sunday Independent
9 Mar 2015 Radical thinking is needed to secure future of Union Belfast Telegraph
8 Mar 2015 Fear and loathing in Washington Sunday Independent
6 Mar 2015 Shockingly, te Fourth Plinth horse is actually quite good Daily Telegraph
2 Mar 2015 Loyalists are just criminals, but republicanism is a cult of fascists Belfast Telegraph
1 Mar 2015 They talk of youth, but old men still lead Sinn Fein Sunday Independent
23 Feb 2015 SDLP showing courage and cowardice in equal measure Belfast Telegraph
22 Feb 2015 Lesson in doublespeak from looking-glass land Sunday Independent
16 Feb 2015 Sinn Fein beating tribal drum particularly hard as poll looms Belfast Telegraph
9 Feb 2015 Self-important Gerry Adams detached from any reality Belfast Telegraph
8 Feb 2015 In disgrace: Downfall could serve as lesson to others Sunday Independent
2 Feb 2015 Broadcasters send the wrong signal by excluding Northern Ireland Belfast Telegraph
1 Feb 2015 Like Pearse, McGuinness is misleading followers Sunday Independent
26 Jan 2015 Martin Galvin: He may be older, but his hatred remains intact Belfast Telegraph
25 Jan 2015 'No to Page 3' campaign was pathetic and utterly deluded Sunday Independent
19 Jan 2015 Tony Blair gave in too often, but he did secure the Union Belfast Telegraph
18 Jan 2015 Presidents and abbots should laugh at themselves Sunday Independent
12 Jan 2015 Let's support the Press in duty to confront menace of Islamic terror Belfast Telegraph
11 Jan 2015 To honour the dead, we should defend free speech Sunday Independent
07 Jan 2015 So, does Ched Evans deserve a second chance? Belfast Telegraph
05 Jan 2015 The minister who won't be cowed by Sinn Fein 'fury' Belfast Telegraph
04 Jan 2015 It's not easy being royal in the era of social media Sunday Independent



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Extracts from REVIEWS of Ruth's latest non-fiction book:

Aftermath – the Omagh bomging and the families' pursuit of justice

"She is one of the most important contemporary writers on Ireland and this is compulsive reading... the entire work is an Irish masterpiece." 

"Dudley Edwards’ finely-researched book benefits from her own proximity to the events and her personal knowledge of the protagonists - the hitherto ordinary people - who took on the Real IRA in the courts, even though there was no precedent anywhere in the world for what they sought to achieve. For anyone interested in this chilling area of recent Irish history, Aftermath is recommended reading."
Sunday Business Post

"It is a remarkable and moving story, told in masterly fashion by Ruth Dudley Edwards. Her narrative grips from the start. It is as compelling as a thriller and displays the sympathetic imagination of a great novel... This is an extraordinary and uplifting story of how a group of ordinary people managed to get the justice they sought. It is beautifully told."

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