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Published in the UK by
Hamish Hamilton and in the US by Harvard Business School Press.

Publishers' blurb

The history of The Economist is fascinating both because it is the story of a great and influential journal and because of its response to all the great issues of the day, from the Irish famine (it did not know what to do) to women's suffrage (inconsistent) and from hanging (always against) to privatization (passionately for).

But this book is not only a history of ideas as seen through the eyes of one paper; it is also an account of a remarkable group of men, and a few women - including the six sisters who owned it for the best part of fifty years. Starting with James Wilson, it included Herbert Spencer, Asquith, Arnold Toynbee, Geoffrey Crowther, Barbara Ward Jackson, Isaac Deutscher and Kim Philby. The most important was Walter Bagehot, a towering genius whose journalism is without parallel.

This remarkable book is much more than the history of a paper: it sheds new light on the major economic, business and diplomatic issues of the last 150 years.

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Independent 1993

The Observer

"How can a business magazine survive for more than 150 years? The answer of this book is: quality never goes out of style. A must for every economist who loves his job." (a reader's review)

"It combines Dudley Edwards's ability as a gifted historian with her skill as a journalist to produce a hugely important and authoritative book that reads as compulsively as a thriller."
John Spain, Irish Independent

"A hurtling journey, often hilarious and sometimes monstrous, through newspapers, class, politics and sex; not just the double biography of two extraordinary men, but a sideways history of Britain in the fifties and sixties"
Andrew Marr

"The depth of her learning and the breadth of her sympathy, make this a compelling book, the product of genuine free thinking and spare, fine writing. Few books published this year will have the charm, learning, wisdom and humanity of The Faithful Tribe"
The Times

This is the help-manual I longed for when I was a young student of Irish history but eventually had to write myself. It’s still the reference book I use most often.’ 
Ruth Dudley Edwards


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