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Northern Ireland Parliamentarian Files Lawsuits against Journalists (PRESS RELEASE)

Legal proceedings are ongoing against journalist Malachi O’Doherty in relation to radio interviews he did on 21 August 2019 on U105 and BBC Radio Ulster. During the interviews O’Doherty referred to Gerry Kelly, a Sinn Féin parliamentarian for the Northern Ireland...

Another republican legal claim being made against me

Gerry Kelly’s solicitors have served me with a libel writ. Published: 21 June 2022 For legal reasons, I can’t yet say publicly what he’s upset about except that I think it’s ridiculous and I’m standing by what I wrote because I believe it is true. I did the same when,...


Tabled 08 July 2019 2017-19 Session That this House applauds the success of the Defamation Act 2013 in deterring opportunistic and vexatious libel claims in England and Wales; regrets that the Northern Ireland Assembly's refusal to extend that act to Northern Ireland...

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