Matricide at St Martha’s

Matricide at St Martha's jacketSt. Martha’s College, Cambridge, had been staggering along on a shoestring for decades. Then alumna Alice Toon leaves her old school a huge fortune. The dons immediately fall to fighting over the spoils. The Virgins, led by Dame Maid Theodosia Buckbarrow, believe the bequests should be spent on scholarships. The Dykes–fewer in number but better street fighters–want to raise a center for Gender and Ethnic Studies. The Old Women (mostly men) dream of fine vintages to be laid down in a decent new wine cellar. Impasse!

They’ve reckoned without the Bursar, Jack Troutbeck. She elects to inflitrate this maelstrom of politics with her own agent, Robert Amiss, a former civil servant with a talent for sorting things out. No sooner does he arrive on the scene where the Virgins are getting the upper hand than Dame Maud is murdered, leading into what Mike Ripley on The Daily Telegraph described as: “An acidly funny romp… Superbly bitchy on the none-too-fragrant groves of academe”

Published in the UK by HarperCollins in the US by Poisoned Pen Press.

Available on kindle, paperback and hardback on Amazon.

Read Ruth’s article Making Fun of Academics, published in the Mystery Readers Journal.


“This blithe series puts itself on the side of the angels by merrily, and staunchly, subverting every tenet of political correctness.”
Patricia Craig in The Independent

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Praise for Matricide at St Martha’s:

The clever plot takes a second place to the ebullience of the writing and spot-on inventiveness of the satire.

Marcel Berlins

The Times

Ruth Dudley Edwards, insouciant as ever, has a lot of fun with the conventions of the detective genre.

Times Literary Supplement

I fear it will make you laugh out loud on public transport.

Jill Neville

Evening Standard

A marvellously rueful grand finale.

John Coleman

Sunday Times

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