Archive of articles published in 2003

14 Dec 03Minister, abandon this mad proposal of yoursSunday Independent
21 Nov 03Whatever you do…voteBelfast Telegraph
16 Nov 03Europe has got Bush all wrongSunday Independent
26 Oct 03Machiavellian Gerry ensures direct rule is here to staySunday Independent
12 Oct 03Let’s show smokers a little toleranceSunday Independent
21 Sep 03King’s noble dream of non-violenceSunday Independent
21 Sep 03None of them has gone awaySunday Independent
17 Aug 03Bertie crushed under the thumbs of Miriam, Georgina and CeceliaSunday Independent
13 Jul 03Putt Clinton off if he dares cheat in IrelandSunday Independent
12 Jul 03Lessons on the TwelfthBelfast Telegraph
06 Jul 03The Past is OrangeSunday Herald
06 Jul 03Trimble must tend to party’s grass rootsSunday Independent
27 Jun 03Gentleman Jim and his legacy to TrimbleBelfast Telegraph
09 Jun 03The Royal Irish does a great job so it had to be hackedDaily Telegraph
08 Jun 03After all this time, it’s still “them” and “us”Sunday Independent
18 May 03Spy story lifts peace stalemate boredomSunday Independent
20 Apr 03An exasperated and final letter to P O’NeillSunday Independent
16 Mar 03Please stop being hysterical about Freedom of Information ActSunday Independent
09 Mar 03Lest we forget what the Provos really didSunday Independent
02 Mar 03Guilt trip about past abuse could create new victimsSunday Independent
23 Feb 03So if it’s really all over, what is it that we can hear in the distance?Sunday Independent
16 Feb 03Liberty, equality, fraternity, enmitySunday Independent
12 Jan 03Trimble is unionists’ only optionSunday Independent

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