Archive of articles published in 2004

05 Dec 04Well Bertie, who is running Ireland: the Government or the hard men of the IRA?Sunday Independent
21 Nov 04Mitterrand back to haunt the FrenchSunday Independent
14 Nov 04After all this sex talk, Boris couldn’t stay in the saddleSunday Independent
07 Nov 04Are we mad or just plain stupid?Sunday Independent
31 Oct 04Still lookin’ for Lucan, the conspiracy wonksSunday Independent
17 Oct 04Never forget that it is the man who killed your father who is wrongSunday Independent
03 Oct 04New kid on the blogSunday Independent
19 Sep 04Brothers under the skinSunday Independent
05 Sep 04Stop peddling the lie that we’ve had ten years of blissful peace in Northern IrelandSunday Independent
29 Aug 04The mandarins are baffled by every shade of OrangeSunday Independent
22 Aug 04Don’t labour the Irish immigrant pointSunday Independent
11 Aug 04The Imperfect Peace: The Irish charmerBelfast Telegraph
01 Aug 04Will Mandy and McCreevy mix it as political bedfellows?Sunday Independent
04 Jul 04Wanted: a monument to boneheadednessSunday Independent
27 Jun 04Dodgy dollar rebel who plays the patriot gameSunday Independent
06 Jun 04SF – party of choice for cop killers’ friendsSunday Independent
02 May 04Three Boyos and one very smooth operatorSunday Independent
18 Apr 04IRA bastard armies are a bloody, treasonous MafiaSunday Independent
11 Apr 04Catch the Sinn Fein Easter extravaganza at a monument near youSunday Independent
04 Apr 04Maybe it’s time to release all the secrets of the TroublesSunday Independent
21 Mar 04Irish people cosying up to Gerry and the ‘cuddly bombers’Sunday Independent
14 Mar 04The stumping of plodder CaoimhghinSunday Independent
14 Mar 04PM challenged by a conmanSunday Independent
07 Mar 04Now recruiting candidates for the party: must be gullibleSunday Independent
29 Feb 04Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil on the NorthSunday Independent
15 Feb 04Thank you, Albert, but we should be so lucky hereSunday Independent
06 Feb 04How republicans ‘travelled the world telling porkies’Belfast Telegraph
01 Feb 04Lord Whitewash joins establishment counselSunday Independent
25 Jan 04Advice to the humourless: lighten upSunday Independent
11 Jan 04Diana is alive and well and living on an islandSunday Independent
04 Jan 04The easily-offended will inherit the earthSunday Independent


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