Archive of articles published in 2005

25 Dec 05 It’s that time of year again – tout-naming, agent-identifying, informer-spotting Sunday Independent
18 Dec 05 Truly a great time to be a politics nerd Sunday Independent
13 Dec 05 Yes, we need more women MPs. But save us from Dave’s Dolls Daily Mail
11 Dec 05 Tory Party new boy gets off to a smooth start Sunday Independent
04 Dec 05 Chuck Feeney being taken for a long and very expensive ride Sunday Independent
27 Nov 05 DUP ill-equipped to fight ‘unholy alliance’ Sunday Independent
20 Nov 05 Why Bertie coos in Gerry’s ear Sunday Independent
20 Nov 05 SF’s alternative reality: now on eBay Sunday Independent
13 Nov 05 The twists and turns on the road to one rule of law Sunday Independent
13 Nov 05 Meyer’s enthralling book written as an act of pure revenge Sunday Independent
12 Nov 05 So who will stop the PC zealots? Daily Mail
09 Nov 05 Cherie, contempt for shopgirls and the hypocrisy of her deprived childhood Daily Mail
06 Nov 05 Blunkett is torn apart by the media hounds Sunday Independent
04 Nov 05 Political correctness – the backlash The First Post
02 Nov 05 Why expect any better when the brazen Blairs act as they do? Daily Mail
27 Oct 05 Why won’t she ever learn from her mistakes? Daily Mail
26 Oct 05 Death becomes them The First Post
23 Oct 05 The Tories are ready to go dancing Sunday Independent
20 Oct 05 Shall I compare thee to a Nazi regime? The First Post
16 Oct 05 When the naked hate is publicly exposed Sunday Independent
11 Oct 05 How long before they turn the right to die into a DUTY to die? Daily Mail
07 Oct 05 Paramilitary chic: balaclavas and bling The First Post
30 Sep 05 The view from the West Belfast Telegraph
27 Sep 05 Will we EVER stop appeasing the terrorists? Daily Mail
11 Sep 05 Northerners beware Perfidious Albion Sunday Independent
11 Sep 05 Clarke is the right wise old head to tow the Tories to the promised land Sunday Independent
04 Sep 05 SF goes into bat on fist fighting Sunday Independent
28 Aug 05 Remembering Gerry Fitt Sunday Independent
28 Aug 05 Hain, the epitome of a ‘clever-silly’ politician Sunday Independent
28 Aug 05 Bigots savaged by a newt Sunday Independent
23 Aug 05 The miraculous power of a parent’s love Daily Mail
21 Aug 05 Mo: so inspired and driven yet a real hippie at heart Sunday Independent
21 Aug 05 The loyalists are determined to spill blood Sunday Independent
19 Aug 05 Feminisation, and why he’s no Buerk Daily Mail
14 Aug 05 A great performance to the end Sunday Independent
03 Aug 05 How do we deal with this poison in our midst? Daily Mail
29 Jul 05 There is no such thing as a good terrorist, Mr Blair Daily Mail
23 Jul 05 Pluck gives way to panic as fingers point north Sunday Independent
17 Jul 05 Time to stop pussyfooting around Muslims Sunday Independent
10 Jul 05 The United Kingdom of decent people Sunday Independent
08 Jul 05 Reliving the nightmare of terror all over again Belfast Telegraph
03 Jul 05 When Charlie really got nasty, it was to his friend of twenty years Sunday Independent
25 Jun 05 Dirty Rotten Journalists The Specatator
19 Jun 05 On Planet Fianna Fail, principle is simply a joke Sunday Independent
12 Jun 05 No trifle, Cherie’s tenacious grasp of the freebies Sunday Independent
05 Jun 05 EU constitution: a French pig in a poke? Sunday Independent
29 May 05 The IMC Report Sunday Independent
22 May 05 We’re in mood for a mystery and Piano Man holds the key Sunday Independent
15 May 05 Trimble is a man ahead of his time, and he was ahead of all of us Sunday Independent
08 May 05 Camera doesn’t lie as Adams and Blair given away by body language Sunday Independent
10 Apr 05 Child bride falls from favour with disillusioned groom Sunday Independent
10 Apr 05 Ahern and Blair on the road to nowhere Sunday Independent
02 Apr 05 A liberal dose of stupidity Financial Times
27 Mar 05 Persuade our leaders to quit the pandering and get tough Sunday Independent
12 Mar 05 How did the hard men of IRA mafia hoodwink so many decent people? Irish Independent
06 Mar 05 Fifty Years of fun, frolics and heckles Sunday Independent
27 Feb 05 The A-Z of what IRA/SF really are Sunday Independent
20 Feb 05 Six angry women confront the Provo thugocracy Sunday Independent
13 Feb 05 IRA gives ‘donkeywork’ whole new meaning Sunday Independent
06 Feb 05 Give Gerry his marching orders, George Sunday Independent
30 Jan 05 President detonates the tribal time-bomb Sunday Independent
16 Jan 05 Labour gets a bad case of the TB/GBs Sunday Independent
09 Jan 05 No room for fudge: it’s a case of crime and punishment Sunday Independent
09 Jan 05 Terrorists, criminals and drug dealers are shopped on web Sunday Independent
02 Jan 05 A shameful ‘celebration’ of the worst of us Sunday Independent


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