Archive of articles published in 2009

22 Dec 09 The IRA boasted about shooting child abusers. How very odd that they ignored the vile crimes of Gerry Adams’ father and brother Daily Mail
20 Dec 09 We all have to make amends for our sins of the past Sunday Independent
13 Dec 09 Cool heads better than hot air in Copenhagen Sunday Independent
6 Dec 09 Rejoice! The resurrection of Conrad is coming soon Sunday Independent
22 Nov 09 A good Alaskan, but not a good candidate Sunday Independent
15 Nov 09 A Nation in fear of being seen as anti-Muslim Sunday Independent
Nov 09 Exploring The Twelve by Stuart Neville Shots eZine
8 Nov 09 Obama failing to stand the test of time Sunday Independent
7 Nov 09 The Republic yet again sits back as young men die for freedom Belfast Telegraph
1 Nov 09 Political big shots need not apply Sunday Independent
25 Oct 09 Writing as sharp as any dagger Sunday Independent
18 Oct 09 Beeb never stood a chance against the ‘saintly’ O’Leary Sunday Independent
11 Oct 09 Cam ‘n’ Sam love-in adds to misery for Brown Sunday Independent
4 Oct 09 Why Mrs Brown should have skipped the heroics Sunday Independent
20 Sept 09 When babies become the new celeb handbags Sunday Independent
19 Sept 09 Europe: will Ireland do the indecent thing?
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Daily Telegraph
13 Sept 09 Togmeister shows why he’s not any old geezer Sunday Independent
27 Aug 09 Commentary: Ted Kennedy loathed Britain — so why did Gordon Brown knight him? Daily Mail
23 Aug 09 Divorce: don’t get mad, get everything Sunday Independent
21 Aug 09 Why do we keep betraying the victims of terror? Daily Mail
20 Aug 09 How can we call ourselves civilised when we reward the feckless – yet punish the old for a lifetime of prudence Daily Mail
16 Aug 09 A boy whose bruises were covered in chocolate Sunday Independent
9 Aug 09 Banville scored an own goal even before our crime fiction spat Sunday Independent
2 Aug 09 Happiness is a Hamlet called Jude Sunday Independent
31 July 09 Should the law make it easier for us to help the terminally ill? Daily Mail
12 July 09 At least Jackson never inspired young boys to go out and kill Sunday Independent
28 June 09 Maybe we should just leave Silvio and the Italians at it Sunday Independent
16 June 09 Face to face with evil: How the awesome courage of Omagh victims’ families – and big hearts of Mail readers – led to victory Daily Mail
16 June 09 Shameless betrayal: How Moagh victims were left to confront bombers themselves after Blair failed to deliver justice Daily Mail
15 June 09 The Omagh bombing: I never realised how beautiful my son’s eyes were until I saw his broken little body Daily Mail
14 June 09 They’ll be coming to take you away very soon, Gordon Sunday Independent
13 June 09 Day a car bomb brought carnage to a small town: The first extract from a new book about the Omagh tragedy Daily Mail
9 June 09 ‘I almost never cry, but tears rolled down my cheeks’: From the author who spent every day in court with the Omagh families Daily Mail
31 May 09 Unsavoury sex smear campaign takes poetic licence just too far Sunday Independent
24 May 09 Black wins his fight to have Supreme Court hear appeal Sunday Independent
17 May 09 Democracy sullied in a world of grasping politicians Sunday Independent
3 May 09 For this crisis, we don’t need to frighten the children Sunday Independent
19 Apr 09 Rebels an inconvenient truth for Adams and co Sunday Independent
22 Mar 09 Guantanamo commitment could come back to haunt us Sunday Independent
12 Mar 09 Stop pandering to enemies of our way of life
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Daily Telegraph
10 Mar 09 Northern Ireland shootings: Gerry Adams is older but still ruthless Daily Telegraph
8 Mar 09 Sorry, but Obama is simply not bothered about us Sunday Independent
1 Mar 09 You’d have to laugh if it wasn’t so over the top Sunday Independent
15 Feb 09 Even our principles have become institutionalised Sunday Independent
8 Feb 09 Golly, Thatcher gaffe isn’t such a big deal Sunday Independent
25 Jan 09 Bush ‘a cocky, locker-room fraternity boy’ Sunday Independent
18 Jan 09 Anti-Semitism  
11 Jan 09 President’s rhetoric soars but her roots trip her up Sunday Independent
4 Jan 09 Brave Israel has every right to bomb Hamas Sunday Independent


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