Archive of articles published in 2010

26 Dec 10 We’re bruised and battered but we’re up for the fight Sunday Independent
19 Dec 10 Black confident he’s ahead of the rest Sunday Independent
5 Dec 10 Leaks can never be contained Sunday Independent
Dec 10 Remembering Betsy Crabtree Red Herrings
28 Nov 10 It’s not just their national interest, the English care about Ireland Sunday Independent
23 Nov 10 A plan to tackle extremism in the classroom Daily Telegraph
21 Nov 10 William learns from heartbreak of royal past Sunday Independent
14 Nov 10 History will be kinder to Dubya tha we all were Sunday Independent
7 Nov 10 Uppity Obama left shellacked by angry brigade Sunday Independent
31 Oct 10 Freedom of information can be a tarnished weapon of truth Sunday Independent
Nov 10 See no evil Standpoint
24 Oct 10 Rose-tinted glasses in US exchanged for polarised lenses Sunday Independent
17 Oct 10 A free society is always going to be unfair, so stop whingeing Sunday Independent
4 Oct 10 Self-serving governors embarrass Northern Ireland Belfast Newsletter
3 Oct 10 Ireland’s party is well and truly over: now it’s hangover time Daily Telegraph
3 Oct 10 Keep on keeping on when the years roll past Sunday Independent
19 Sept 10 Fleet St farewell to ‘mischievous’ journalist Alan Sunday Independent
19 Sept 10 German shepherd softens bark of self-appointed watchdogs Sunday Independent
12 Sept 10 Coulson faces a red card after scoring with sleaze Sunday Independent
5 Sept 10 The week that was: sex, blogs and autobiography Sunday Independent
29 Aug 10 The context was frightening but church collusion was still wrong Sunday Independent
Sept 10 Open Season Standpoint
Aug 10 update to ‘Defending the Birmingham Three’ Standpoint
22 Aug 10 Blair discovers some carping never falters Sunday Independent
15 Aug 10 Victims of the old authoritarian weapons Sunday Independent
8 Aug 10 Forget failed war on drugs, we need to make our peace Sunday Independent
Aug 10 Defending the Birmingham Three Standpoint
1 Aug 10 It is good manners that maketh the PM Sunday Independent
25 July 10 Black may be brash, but he shouldn’t be demonised Sunday Independent
11 July 10 Leader more ‘Barack no mates’ than ‘No drama Obama’ Sunday Independent
4 July 10 Sexy Russian spies and Irish passports are no laughing matter Sunday Independent
27 June 10 I’m over the moon as Conrad Black’s courage in the face of adversity pays off Sunday Independent
20 June 10 This courageous ‘Mama Grizzly’ is still clawing her way to the top Sunday Independent
13 June 10 How do you outfox new urban menace? Sunday Independent
30 May 10 A total absence of common sense Sunday Independent
23 May 10 Good intentions lead all too often to bad consequences Sunday Independent
16 May 10 Glued to spectacle of the unthinkable being thought Sunday Independent
9 May 10 Whoever ends up in bed together, the party’s truly over Sunday Independent
2 May 10 ‘Bigotgate’ only confirmed working-class suspicions Sunday Independent
May 10 Dreaming of an Islamist Ireland Standpoint
25 Apr 10 Clegg’s novelty act gives him X Factor in TV debates Sunday Independent
18 Apr 10 Lights, camera, action for the Third Man Sunday Independent
11 Apr 10 Ain’t nothing like an internecine war to liven things up Sunday Independent
Apr 10 Unpublished article on Gerry Adams’s most recent embarrassments
21 Mar 10 Scandal shows how prone we are to hypocrisy and hysteria Sunday Independent
28 Feb 10 A miserable week for the families of Omagh victims Sunday Independent
21 Feb 10 Stories of my life Sunday Herald
7 Feb 10 Short was hardcore in dishing the dirt Sunday Independent
26 Jan 10 Martin Amis may be past HIS sell-by date but by writing off the elderly, he robs us of a precious gift Daily Mail
24 Jan 10 Incredible Hunk leaves Obama healthcare plans floundering Sunday Independent
17 Jan 10 Robinson seen as a joke but Adams must face serious questions Sunday Independent
10 Jan 10 Political correctness impairs airport security Sunday Independent
3 Jan 10 Ireland needs fewer fruitcakes and more Terry Wogans please Sunday Independent
2 Jan 10 British Universities: seats of learning – and loathing
This article is now being featured on www.islamophobia-watch.comwhich posts articles regarded as exhibiting lèse-majesté towards matters Islamic.
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