Archive of articles published in 2013

29 DecWhy I show no mercy to Ming, McFeely and AdamsSunday Independent
22 DecNo winners in a sorded tale of a celebrity homeSunday Independent
18 DecA nasty thug to the endRuth contributes to an article after the death of Ronnie BiggsDaily Mail
15 DecGulf between Mandela and ProvosSunday Independent
8 DecNigella shows the world that she is not a victimSunday Independent
1 DecHow Murdoch was reborn at 82Sunday Independent
24 NovPythons bring the dead parrot back to life with plans for London live showSunday Independent
24 NovPushing the barge out to welcome our PresidentSunday Independent
17 NovKing of phone hackers was tabloids’ go-to guySunday Independent
11 NovPrince Charles: The Irish ConnectionBelfast Telegraph
10 NovHow NOTW became the red-top story of the yearSunday Independent
3 NovAffiar exposed on historic day for British pressSunday Independent
27 OctThe game is afoot: crime writers see whowonitSunday Independent
20 OctDo the British have a better class of convict than we do?Sunday Independent
13 OctHolmes versus Moriarty, but which one is which?Sunday Independent
7 OctSpeaking up for IsraelBoard of British Jews
6 OctUS beyond ken of Founding FathersSunday Independent
29 SeptSaatchi and Trinny find love in a rather convenient placeSunday Independent
18 SeptThe Queen is more popular than Peter Robinson – but what is Her Majesty’s secret?Belfast Telegraph
8 SeptSyria is just one battlefield in a civil warSunday Independent
1 SeptWindsors are impressively functionalSunday Independent
25 AugCould Duchess Fergie and Prince Andrew really be about to remarry?Sunday Independent
25 AugRisible ‘Guardian’ is no friend of freedomSunday Independent
18 AugWife Nigella’s fame just too hot for SaatchiSunday Independent
11 AugHe may be smug and deluded – but France needs DSKSunday Independent
11 AugPapa’s golden girl Marina poised to take Silvio’s throneSunday Independent
4 AugGay-friendly Pope deserves to be praisedSunday Independent
30 July Belfast Telegraph
28 JulyThe Firm shows dazed newshounds who’s bossSunday Independent
21 JulyIt’s time to learn to love our ‘Britishness’Sunday Independent
14 JulyMega-rich Saatchi brothers are worlds apart in matters of the heartSunday Independent
7 JulyMurdoch is still burning and raving in his old ageSunday Independent
24 JuneWhen did police decide their job was to smear crime victims, instead of protecting themDaily Mail
23 JuneTerry’s star turn shows the Triumph of Ireland FundSunday Independent
23 JuneDespite all the ‘yabble’, we owe Bertie for Good Friday dealSunday Independent
16 JuneThe scramble for reasons behind the Murdoch splitSunday Independent
16 JuneForget sex and spooks, virtual spies are a bigger threatSunday Independent
2 JuneUnlucky general Hollande is bad news for FranceSunday Independent
26 MayGay marriage tricky sell to Tory ‘loons’Sunday Independent
19 MaySex victims see price of craven unwillingness to face factsSunday Independent
12 MayLittle risk of Queen going Dutch and bowing outSunday Independent
5 MayA crock of gold for libel tourists who bring cases to the Emerald IsleSunday Independent
28 AprGallic ‘Jimmy Carter’ is a man who is in desperate need of a personalitySunday Independent
21 AprHers was truly a life less ordinarySunday Independent
14 AprOur President betrays his leftie leaningsSunday Independent
9 AprMargaret Thatcher blazed a trail that allowed women to walk the corridors of power 
9 AprLest we forget how terrible things were: The woman who saved Britain – the verdict of three historiansDaily Mail
7 AprSad and sordid tale of sex-mad bullySunday Independent
31 MarThe man who would, and could, be kingSunday Independent
24 MarI’m hacked off with stars and politicians curbing pressSunday Independent
11 MarShed tears not for Chavez, but for the land he ruinedSunday Independent
3 MarPeople are not laughing when they vote for ‘jokers’Sunday Independent
24 FebSex scandal’s allure is still intact 50 years onSunday Independent
17 FebA stiff upper lip helps one to appreciate French farceSunday Independent
10 FebA grotesque display of emotional incontinence in publicSunday Independent
3 FebProvo apologists are taking leaf our of Orwell’s 1984Sunday Independent
13  JanJournalist and renowned historian Robert Kee’s major intellectual passion was IrelandSunday Independent
13  JanBardot’s Russian to copy jumbo GerardSunday Independent
12  JanGrow up! The world is fed up with youBelfast Telegraph
6 JanThe dame who chose to arise and follow CharlieSunday Independent

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