Articles published in 2014

28 DecFor now, the Stormont Agreement is about as good as it’s going to getSunday Independent
22 DecIn politics, you really have to be cruel to be kindBelfast Telegraph
21 DecImagine if we had a Christmas free of ‘undesirables’Sunday Independent
15 DecTorture of teens just as wrong as torture of inmatesBelfast Telegraph
14 DecWhat’s good for the Venezuelan goose isn’t good for Irish ganderSunday Independent
8 DecLet’s not rule out fracking until we know all the factsBelfast Telegraph
7 DecLet’s give up hate for ChristmasSunday Independent
1 DecThe name Paisley may yet still hold sway in the DUPBelfast Telegraph
30 NovSpeech shows that Pope Francis is definitely a CatholicSunday Independent
24 NovJust occasionally I almost feel a bit sorry for the Sinn Fein leadershipBelfast Telegraph
23 NovFeminist must be reclaimed from the idiotic sisterhoodSunday Independent
17 NovWhy I despair at new alliance of our moral zealotsBelfast Telegraph
16 Nov‘We didn’t treat farm animals like that’Sunday Independent
10 NovHow Gregory Campbell has handed the moral high ground to Sinn Fein over his ‘curry my yoghurt’ commentsBelfast Telegraph
9 Nov 2014Wear your shamrock, lily and poppy with prideSunday Independent
3 Nov 2014You can depend on ‘Red Roy’ Greenslade to support Sinn FeinBelfast Telegraph
2 Nov 2014Now Sinn Fein aspires to be the Victims’ PartySunday Independent
27 OctSinn Fein family are doomed through secrets and liesBelfast Telegraph
26 OctMaria schools the trolls in a social media masterclassSunday Independent
20 OctMemo to Gerry Adams… Mairia Cahill has not gone away, you knowBelfast Telegraph
19 OctPoisonous atmosphere means no hope for Stormont without reformSunday Independent
13 OctStern letter from America a clarion call to our leadersBelfast Telegraph
12 OctIt’s not easy being red and green – even for the ShinnersSunday Independent
10 OctUkip’s voters are not loony or racist, just crossSunday Independent
6 OctTime UK’s enfant terrible and its leaders wised upBelfast Telegraph
29 SeptWill the Catholic church confess to Scotland vote sin?Belfast Telegraph
28 SeptHe hasn’t gone away: Salmond lost, but he still mattersSunday Independent
22 SeptIan Paisley didn’t mince his words, so neither will IBelfast Telegraph
21 SeptCameron must now face up to constitutional nightmareSunday Independent
14 SeptThe English are fed up with the racist Scots and are reay for the falloutSunday Independent
10 SeptScotland should heed a harsh lesson from across the Irish SeaDaily Telegraph
8 SeptScottish independence: Yes vote would have repercussions on border controlBelfast Telegraph
7 SeptTime for a reality check – we must face domestic terrorismSunday Independent
1 SeptAmnesiac Gerry Adams spins more yarns over the ceasefireBelfast Telegraph
25 AugThe bird who delivered the basket caseSunday Independent
25 AugSimon Hamilton’s lonely battle to wean us off Treasury almsBelfast Telegraph
24 AugThe sad truth about Assange’s long, lonely waitSunday Independent
18 AugLet the scoundrel George Galloway speak, but hold him to accountBelfast Telegraph
17 AugAsexual, bigender, transexual or cis, can’t we all just be kind to each other?Sunday Independent
11 AugChilling echoes of Holocaust in rush to damn IsraelisBelfast Telegraph
10 AugOrdinary bloke in the fast lane pulls another oneSunday Independent
4 AugThe Presbyterian caught in eye of storm over 1916Belfast Telegraph
3 AugHappy chapter in ‘Little Miss Muffet’ tabloid tangleSunday Independent
28 JulySinn Fein would breach House of Commons abstention taboo if it suited themBelfast Telegraph
27 JulyRebekah Brooks’s enemies are sore losers over verdictSunday Independent
24 JulyPropaganda oblivious to Jewish tears as it stokes the fires of anti-SemitismBelfast Telegraph
21 JulyFermanagh can be template for Order reformersBelfast Telegraph
20 JulyThe parrot is dead but the Python genius is still aliveSunday Independent
18 JulyI don’t believe for a minute that peace depended on resolving the OTRs issueBelfast Telegraph
14 JulyNo surprise that unionists fought forced marriageBelfast Telegraph
13 JulyCall off the lynch mobs, we have enough enquiriesSunday Independent
9 JulyA mutually beneficial tribute is set in stoneDaily Telegraph
7 JulySuch a shame we elect those who beat the tribal drumBelfast Telegraph
6 JulyWhy there are no winners in the squalid saga of Rolf HarrisSunday Independent
30 JuneSinn Fein ally Richard Haass was a dumb choice to chair Northern Ireland Peace talksBelfast Telegraph
29 June‘Lovely fluffy side’ won the day in long ordealSunday Independent
28 JuneFlags: to fly, or not to fly?Belfast Telegraph
23 JuneDisdainful Peter Hain won’t be missed when he’s goneBelfast Telegraph
22 JuneHilary’s publicising her strong political credentialsSunday Independent
14 JuneIs the latest Oxfam advertisement too political?The Observer
8 JuneBigoted pastor’s crusade against Islam backfiresSunday Independent
1 JuneTwo nasty old men in jail is a poor result for justiceSunday Independent
25 MayPrince Charles had a point on Putin – it’s hard not to see parallels with HitlerSunday Independent
18 MayPrincess and the priest – a bond that lasted a lifetimeSunday Independent
11 MayTime to slam the brakes on politically correct spin, and park Jezza-bashingSunday Independent
4 MayGerry Adams should not be immune from justiceDaily Telegraph
4 MayClifford’s undoing tops a good week for a free pressSunday Independent
2 MayAt last a sign that no-one is above the lawDaily Mail
20 AprQuality paper basks in glory while red top is in the dockSunday Independent
13 AprSinn Fein boss ‘taking the soup’ offers hope of a boundless futureSunday Independent
11 AprIs Michael Buerk right to criticise female presenters who cry ageism?The Observer
11 AprOmagh bombing: When will Martin McGuinness break the IRA omerta over this atrocity?Daily Telegraph
6 Apr‘Alcoholic aberrations’ and bad novels about secret Russion hookersSunday Independent
5 AprThe greening of Anglo-Irish relationsBelfast Telegraph
30 MarSome boys grow up – not Morgan and ClarksonSunday Independent
23 MarHandling hackers will be acid test of new press regimeSunday Independent
16 MarToday’s secular zealots are as much a danger as old puritansSunday Independent
9 MarIt’s not only Brooks who faces turmoilSunday Independent
2 MarSeparating distaste from illegalitySunday Independent
23 FebProvos’ murder campaign copper-fastened partitionSunday Independent
16 FebSuicide rates reveal the true legacy of Provo violence

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Sunday Independent
9 FebNote to Wendi: Get over your Tony crushSunday Independent
2 FebAt long last, some spice to envigorate long-suffering jurySunday Independent
26 JanWe love seeing the fall of the undeservedly mightySunday Independent
19 JanStep aside Berlusconi, Europe has a new chief clownSunday Independent
12 JanMysogyny alive and well among the Twitter trollsSunday Independent
5 JanLet’s put to bed the false mantra of Gerry Adams, the teddy-bear huggerSunday Independent
5 JanNigella serves Saatchi up a lesson in staying classySunday Independent

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