Archive of articles published in 2016

26 DecAround world and back here at home, there is still much we should be cheerful aboutBelfast Telegraph
19 Dec2016 year of commemoration has given many people a real thirst to uncover historical truthsBelfast Telegraph
12 DecWe should all be congratulating the great Dr Ken Whitaker on reaching 100Belfast Telegraph
11 DecIt would appear the useful idiots and sneaking regarders haven’t gone awaySunday Independent
5 DecIrish president Higgins should learn from Queen about airing politial viewsBelfast Telegraph
28 NovSinn Fein seek reconciliation, yet they insist it can only be achieved in a united IrelandBelfast Telegraph
2 NovPresident Higgins puts his left foot in it with gushing praise for Fidl CastroSunday Independent
21 NovTo understand Donald Trump, we should take a closer look at a Prsident of bygone yearsBelfast Telegraph
20 NovThe old-school Irish-American certainties are in the graveSunday Independent
16 NovBritish exit, Irish woundProspect Magazine
14 NovWhy are the general public who voted for radical change then branded Neanderthals?Belfast Telegraph
7 NovNorthern Ireland should exploit its many natural advantages and not hold out the begging bowlBelfast Telegraph
6 NovWhatever happens in the US on Tuesday, Eddie the pit bull will still get doughnutsSunday Independent
31 OctLowering UK’s voting age to 16 would be an act of suicidal madness liable to ruin nationBelfast Telegraph
24 OctEnemies of the state are using skewed justice system to push aside innocent terror victimsBelfast Telegraph
23 OctIt’s not racist to want to control national bordersSunday Independent
17 OctEastwood’s selective style of tolerance could lead to problems for SDLP in futureBelfast Telegraph
10 OctLeave Gerry Adams to indulge in token protests, it is others who are grafting for best Brexit dealBelfast Telegraph
9 OctWe should stop moaning and embrace Brexit changeSunday Independent
6 OctOrange Order’s inertia is not sufficient excuse for putting off decision on attending MassBelfast Telegraph
3 OctTerry Wogan the man who reminded the British and Irish of depth of their affection for one anotherBelfast Telegraph
26 SeptDon’t worry, BBC … Gerry Adams will not be suing Spotlight any time soonBelfast Telegraph
25 SeptAdams: Should he stay or should he go?Sunday Independent
19 SeptCeltic and Rangers fans must show common decency’s more important than club loyaltiesBelfast Telegraph
18 SeptCulture warriors now making war on writers of fictionSunday Independent
12 SeptGerry Adams’ ‘take the money and run’ call over £11bn Apple tax case shows up his total naivetyBelfast Telegraph
5 SeptCeltic Green Brigade need to learn truth about history of PalestineBelfast Telegraph
28 AugCeltic fans who vent their narrow-minded hatred of Israel should be given the red cardBelfast Telegraph
28 AugNow on his third political marriage, Martin McGuinness is going through a rough patchSunday Independent
18 AugDaithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: Sharp-suited young men think they’re smarter than they really areBelfast Telegraph
15 AugMen like the late British diplomat Sir David Goodall unsung heroes of the peaceBelfast Telegraph
14 AugDon’t ban the burqa, but restrict where it is wornSunday Independent
8 AugThe executed Sir Roger had many virtues… but dark side of his nature must not be ignoredBelfast Telegraph
1 AugThere are harder anniversaries to come, but the way we marked 1916 gives me hope for futureBelfast Telegraph
31 JulEU is no longer the solution – it is the problemSunday Independent
25 JulBad luck, Martin McGuinness: Theresa May and Arlene Foster will enure Brexit does not lead to a united IrelandThe Telegraph
25 JulRepublic and UK are now firm friends and equal partners, Brexit will not change thatBelfast Telegraph
18 JulProgress will be fine if those interested in island’s future work together for best termsBelfast Telegraph
17 JulIt’s all change at Tory HQ and open warfare between Labout factionsSunday Independent
11 JulWhy it would be madness to bank on Andrea Deadsom by putting her in Downing StreetBelfast Telegraph
4 JulBeseiged and looking more bewildered by the day, just how long can Jeremy Corbyn struggle along at the help?Belfast Telegraph
3 JulBroken alliances and bad blood in fight for British independenceSunday Independent
27 JunThe vote to leave Europe does not pave the way for a united Ireland, no matter what Gerry Adams may argueBelfast Telegraph
26 JunBrexit may enable Ireland to help the EU save itselfSunday Independent
20 JunYes, so Ireland was occupied – get over it and look at how the invaders spared us a worse fateBelfast Telegraph
19 JunTalking has slowly made us better as a peopleSunday Independent
16 JunNo shrinking violet, but by fuelling fire of abortion row President’s wife may have made major mistakeBelfast Telegraph
13 JunIt’s not extreme views that incur wrath of others, my critics just can’t stand that I can respect a different tribeBelfast Telegraph
6 JunSuccess on the pitch would be the perfect way for resurgent Rangers to confound those who choose to demonise the clubBelfast Telegraph
5 JunDon’t let the guilty get away with itSunday Independent
30 MayWhatever way the vote swings on June 23, the arrogant EU is destined to be author of its own downfallBelfast Telegraph
23 MayReality bites as Assembly puts spanner in the works of Sinn Fein’s equal pay mechanismBelfast Telegraph
22 May‘Gerrypicking’ the victims of the TroublesSunday Independent
16 MayNo shirnking violet, but by fuelling fire of abortion row President’s wife may have made major mistakeBelfast Telegraph
9 MayRise in female MLAs good for an Assembly that’s suffered from excess of testosterone and tribalismBelfast Telegraph
8 MayNo, Gerry, you were never kept on a plantationSunday Independent
2 MayIf you are not going to vote on Thursday, then don’t complain if outcome is a fudge like we have in DublinBelfast Telegraph
25 AprDriven by hate, intransigent offshoots of republicanism just cannot be reasoned withBelfast Telegraph
24 AprAdams will put cult before country as Martin ensures centre holds against SFSunday Independent
22 AprQueen’s 90th Birthday: How the monarch won Irish heartsBelfast Telegraph
21 AprThe fading myths of Easter 1916Prospect Magazine
18 AprToo many of us weighed down by burden of enmityBelfast Telegraph
14 AprIt was naive of Sublin to expect unionists to honour Easter RisingNews Letter
11 AprMisnomers and myths abound in Sinn Fein telling of 1916Belfast Telegraph
10 AprRed pencils for Sinn Fein’s ersatz cultural revolutionSunday Independent
4 AprLet’s all embrace new appetite for truth not mythsBelfast Telegraph
28 MarCommemoration in Dublin of Easter Rising very fittingBelfast Telegraph
27 MarWhat sort of an Ireland did the Rising’s leaders want?Sunday Independent
21 MarSinn Fein words show us there may be hope after allBelfast Telegraph
20 Mar1916: Ireland’s bloody legacySunday Times
20 MarThe mysteries of the strange Pearse familySunday Independent
14 MarHasty U-turn can’t hide fact the Sinn Fein mask slippedBelfast Telegraph
13 MarThe frank confessions of an unrepentant lackeySunday Independent
9 MarHow Americans pushed the Irish to warBoston Globe
7 MarDPP between a rock and a hard place with legacy casesBelfast Telegraph
2 MarIf we can’t get justice for Omagh bombing, then let us get the truthBelfast Telegraph
29 FebBig parties must bite bullet to keep Sinn Fein at bayBelfast Telegraph
25 FebCriticism from Sinn Fein won’t change DUP minds on BrexitBelfast Telegraph
22 FebThe complexity of Irish identity gets stamp of approvalBelfast Telegraph
21 FebTaoiseach Adams … the first 100 daysSunday Independent
15 FebSinn Fein election hopes may be casualty of Dublin’s gang warBelfast Telegraph
14 FebWhat if the establishment decides to rig it for Hillary?Sunday Independent
1 FebHughes and his ilk unfit to lace boots of Patrick PearseBelfast Telegraph
1 FebMystery of Nairac proves how truth is casualty of warBelfast Telegraph
31 JanThe 1916 dead have left us our Fenian fools and liarsSunday Independent
25 Jan1916 anniversay a time for all sides to tell their storyBelfast Telegraph
18 JanArlene Foster respects democracy, unlike the leaders of 1916Belfast Telegraph
17 JanAdams and Sinn Fein are revising the Rising in their own waySunday Independent
11 JanSinn Fein loves to smear Catholics who object to themBelfast Telegraph
4 JanOliver Letwin’s ‘racist’ comments were nothing of sortBelfast Telegraph
3 JanuProvos used Hume to acquire veneer of respectabilitySunday Independent


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