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22 December 2009

The IRA boasted about shooting child abusers. How very odd that they ignored the vile crimes of Gerry Adams' father and brother

Shed a tear for Gerry Adams MP, as he tours the TV studios trying to save his career and his reputation in the face of those 'with political axes to grind' who are determined to judge a good man harshly just because of family embarrassments.

Well, no. Please don't. This horrible man is now rightly on the rack because his niece Aine - who as a 13-year-old in 1987 told Uncle Gerry that his brother Liam had raped and abused her from the age of four - has very belatedly gone public on the allegations.

What's more, Uncle Gerry admits that he believed her all those years ago, which makes it inexplicable that Liam was later allowed to work for several years with the young in Adams's West Belfast fiefdom.

Aine Adams Liam Adams

Aine Adams(left) has gone public over the abuse she suffered as a child at the
hands of her father Liam Adams

The IRA heartlands such as West Belfast are areas where Republicans proudly claim they look after their own community, and punish drug pushers and sex abusers - except, it now appears, where those criminals are related to the elite.

Yet Adams, who covered up the crime - thus almost colluding in it - is looking for sympathy. 'For me, it's like a permanent bereavement,' he says, with a sob in his voice. 'My focus is on the plight of Aine.'

Like hell it is. Gerry Adams's focus is where it always is: on the well-being of Gerry Adams, the murderous thugs he calls freedom fighters and on their pursuit of power at any cost.

To beef up his pleas for sympathy, Adams has revealed that he learned for the first time ten years ago that his father, Gerry Snr, had sexually, emotionally, psychologically and physically abused members of the family.

When his father died in 2003, Gerry Jnr now reveals he regretted that this convicted Republican terrorist - who has been referred to as 'the dirty wee man' and 'the babysitter' - had the Irish tricolour on his coffin: 'I think he besmirched it, but it was a dilemma for other members of my family who felt that they didn't want this, at that time, out in the open.'

This is a perfect example of Adams's perverted vision. He was upset to discover his father's dirty little secret, but he had no problems about giving Republican funerals to people who killed children with their bombs, knee-capped and tortured teenagers and left thousands of little ones traumatised by the killing or injuring of their parents or siblings.

I have always abhorred Adams, not just because I knew him to have been from the early 1970s a pitiless leader of the brutal IRA, but because he was additionally a smug, complacent, self-righteous liar and hypocrite who persuaded the gullible that he was a spiritually minded, caring, tree-hugging peacenik.

He even had the effrontery to deny in all three volumes of his autobiography that he had been even an ordinary member of the terrorist organisation of which he was kingpin.

Before the Sinn Fein publicity machine urges that everything I say should be discounted because I have a political axe to grind, let me mention that the last time I wrote a really horrid piece about a Northern Ireland politician was about that roaring bigot Ian Paisley, Adams's sworn enemy for more than 30 years.

But my anger about Paisley was nothing compared to the rage and nausea I feel about Adams. This is a man who, unbelievably, has agreed to make a forthcoming documentary for Channel 4 about his relationship with Jesus, yet stands revealed as someone who, rather than suffering the little children to come to him, abandoned them to an abuser.
Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams covered up the family's dark secret

According to Aine, the facts are that from 1978 her father regularly beat up her mother Sally badly enough to make her run from the house, thus giving him the opportunity to sexually assault his elder daughter. Like most abused children, at the time Aine told no one.

In 1983, Sally threw Liam out, made a bonfire of all his possessions and stopped him seeing his children.

As for Aine, she had some peace until at the end of 1985 when she discovered her father had a new wife and another little girl. Worries about how this child might be abused persuaded her to tell her own terrible story to her mother.

It was now 1987, and Sally took her to the police, the social services and all-powerful Uncle Gerry, who was told that a police medical examination had corroborated Aine's story.

Aine remembers her uncle being sympathetic and taking her and her mother to a pointless meeting at which her father denied everything. But she also remembers being persuaded not to proceed with the charges, although she never retracted her story.

At various times over the next few years, Uncle Gerry promised to persuade Liam to apologise and repent, but nothing happened and she stopped seeing Gerry Adams when he began to speak of Liam as a victim ('Our Liam can't deal with what he did to you.')

Living in Scotland, Aine did not know that her uncle allowed her father to work from 1998 to 2003 in a youth club right under his nose - something he could have stopped with one word in the local priest's ear - and later nearby as a youth development officer.

Aine decided a year ago that since her father had refused to admit what he'd done to her, she would finally pursue him through the courts.

A warrant has been out for his arrest for a year - Liam disappeared after refusing to attend a Belfast court hearing when charges were brought - and on Friday, Aine waived her right to anonymity by telling her story on television.

Gerry Adams has said that while he might not have followed absolutely the textbook approach to dealing with a paedophile, it is the fault of the police and the social services that his brother wasn't dealt with. For his part, he was trying to deal with family problems in a 'therapeutic way. . . there's only so much an individual can do - it's up to the agencies'.

Today, Adams's future as president and international ambassador for Sinn Fein is in serious doubt. The denizens of his constituency are well aware that the IRA knee-capped many a man for even minor sexual misdemeanours and would normally have murdered anyone alleged to have raped a child.

The timing of these increasingly sordid revelations could not be worse for Adams, for the Republic of Ireland is suffering its own collective trauma at revelations that, over many years, the Roman Catholic hierarchy covered up priestly abuse of children, with collusion from police, politicians and the establishment in general.

The mood is vengeful, with demands for episcopal heads to roll coming from all sections of society. Three weeks ago, in the Irish parliament, Sinn Fein's Human Rights spokesman denounced those who 'colluded in crime, in depraved sexual attacks, in an abuse of power and influence, they perverted the course of justice, they protected the guilty.

'They, the paedophile priests, the bishops, archbishops and police who protected them, I believe, and many others believe, are culpable in the deaths by suicide of many, many abused children or later adults whose lives were destroyed by the paedophiles and their protectors.'

He called for society 'to expose the wrong done to those children and ensure that every step is taken to pursue the perpetrators and those who failed or purposely refused to carry out their duties to protect children and to investigate and prosecute criminals.'

When will Sinn Fein apply these fine principles to its own President, Gerry Adams?

Ruth Dudley Edwards

And the responses...

You commentators from the USA really do need to visit the confessional, Your funding and arming of the IRA over years certainly gave you cause to celebrate the killing of many soldiers and policemen, but how about the thousands of innocents your money and weapons killed? The mills of God grind slowly.

- Bill, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear

Same old story from a politician, do as we say not as we do, they make rules but dont live by them.

- david, Didcot UK

Jake Tuohy, Philly, USA, 22/12/2009 13:17 As a Yank please dont try and preach to us about Terror, your country supported this maniac with money and arms, you supported the gun running, drug running and now child abuse. Remember terrorism wasnt invented by Osama, it was alive and kicking well before you lot woke up and smealt the coffee.

- jim st 1, portsmouth

A politician linked to child sexual abuse, the cops sitting on their hands, you Brits have that story three times per week.

- Tazia, USA

I can hear those in America who love Gerry so. Bleating that you are picking on the poor Saintly man!

- Alan Oliver, Zambales Philippines

As someone who knew his brother Liam and who's family treated him like a member of our own, he even went on to be a Godfather to my sister, i find this shocking, and am disgusted with Gerry Adams' withering claim that he did everything possible to ensure that anybody who knew his brother was aware of the allegations, my family was never made aware of any of this and nor were the numorous community projects and youth groups that he was heavily involved in told about this!

I am only thankful that Liam Adams left town when he did so he wasn't able to be around my sister when she was growing up!

- Anonymous, Ireland

Him, his brother, his father & his best buddy Blair will all have to stand and answer for their crimes, they will never see Heaven...

- Liz. R (ex.pat), Houston, TX

Try as I might I no sympathy for this man, he deserved all he ever got, and all the bad luck he will ever get, and that goes for his equally evil twin McGuiness.

- Bob, Brigg

It comes as no surprise that Adams can't remember if he was abused or not he can't even remember being in the IRA ! and as for saying the those in authority should have dealt with his brother is this the same authority he refused to recognise as having any legality in N.Ireland for thirty odd years ? What kind of man is it that finding out your own brother sexual molested his daughter YOUR Niece did absolutely nothing ? shame on you Adams but then again he never did Shame did he .

- tommy, leicester-England

Time to give them home rule.BUT no money from England.But I doubt it will happen and the Irish will continue to follow this meglamaniac and his couple of co-horts

- tony, hawkinge england

The man was busy at the time trying to get peace in Ireland. The killing would still be going on if it was not for him. I am sorry for Aine. He is a spokes man for the IRA
- Ann, Merseyside, 22

Dipstick! This odious man was a major cause of the violenvce in Ireland. The only connection between him and the killing stopping is that he told hsi men to stop - as they had accepted Blair's surrender!

- William Orr, Yorkshire

This is a very personal issue and hopefully his brother will turn himself in.

- kathy, Ireland

I escaped to London from the 'septic isle' Ias described by Bob Geldof) in the mid eighties, when it seemed there were more people prepared to turn a blind eye to those ready to kill for Ireland than there were those prepared to pay tax to support her. It angers me still that the boom years were wasted, with not nearly enough spent on education and health as was p**d against a wall in ever more gratuitous bouts of self indulgence.

To be fair, many in Ireland are chastened by the experience, and livid that so many of the bad habits are still with them. For example, a pathetic parish priest who led a foolhardy exercise of 'sympathising' with a rapist near the courthouse was slapped down in no uncertain terms by the judge, much to the delight of most right thinking people over there. Rooting out paedophiles is still a work in progress by the same token, but vacuous apologies and efforts to cover for the abusers are no longer tolerated there...and not before time!!!

- kt o'connor, london

Come his Day of Judgement after all the blood on his hands is tallied up -- and now this -- the screams and tears of a child replayed for eternity (to go along with his own), I wouldn't want to be in his shoes . Dear me, no.

- DC Morrison, Toronto, Canada

It would be a sign of intelligence if the British people was more fond of Gerry Adams.... But, whatever.

- Swift Malone, Lisbon, PT

Whats to be "fond of"?

- SuzanneB, Geordieland

Its an IRA problem, let them deal with it.

- This-Happy-Breed., Hertford-England

Jerry Adams and Martin Mcguinness along with the rest of the I.R.A.terrorist murders should have faced retribution which was swift and mecyless,Instead they were allowed to bomb and shoot their way into Government by that idiot John Major and that slimy self serving hypocrite teflon Tony Blair.

- W.H.George, dudley

Ruth Dudley-Edwards - always direct, unequivocal and courageous. If our politicians had a fraction of her honesty and integrity, the odious Mr Adams would no longer be in a position to pollute our living rooms with his pompous and wholly hypocritical messages and opinions. His presence - and that of his cronies - shames all of us who have the remotist belief in justice and human decency.

- John Steadman, Tyne and Wear

I don't find it odd at all. Adams, McGuiness and all the so called political wing hiding behind the name Sein Fein were just as much terrorists as the cowards that planted the bombs. It was only because Blair capitulated and sold out the memory of all those killed by the IRA that Adams is now an MP raking in all the expenses but still hasn't sworn allegiance to the crown. Once a coward, always a coward and Adams ought to be arrested for aiding and abetting a child abuser.

- Mike, Alicante, Spain

An excellent article.

The question is - how are the Irish Media presenting ie spinning, this story.

Is Adams being given a sympathetic hearing or are we going to see a media feeding frenzy ?

With "politics" closed for Christmas this could run as the main story for days.

- Ian S., Hawick, Scotland

Thank you Ruth Dudley Edwards, for putting this into words and print, for us all to read clearly, and exactly, what has been happening here.

Gerry Adams, you should be utterly ashamed, of yourself... again.

Aine Tyrell, I wish you love health and happiness, and hope you find inner peace, with people you choose, to be in your life.

- bonnybute, argyll & bute

Thank you Ruth Dudley Edwards,

for putting this into words and print, for us all to read clearly, and exactly, what has been happening here.

Gerry Adams, you should be utterly ashamed, of yourself... again.

Aine Tyrell, I wish you love health and happiness, and hope you find inner peace, with people you choose, to be in your life.

- bonnybute, argyll & bute

Never mind the Adams family, I don't recall the IRA shooting many paedo priests either? Ruth Dudley Edwards would be better off writing something about the current child abuses going on today rather than political muck raking against the old enemy from the past! (Although I get the feeling dear Ruth is still locked very firmly in the past?) The fact is, every decent person knows what a vile cretin Gerry Adams is, but as unpalatable as it is.. the fact is that without him and his ilk there would be no peace in Northern Ireland. Sadly we have no choice in the end but to talk with and deal with the enemy in order to get peace, it will eventually be the case with the Taliban as well. Maybe Ruth Dudley Edwards should be researching the Taliban sex abuses currently taking place in Afghanistan.

- eddie appleby, hampshire

Adams is a cynical, serial liar who shouldn't even be a public figure.
One of the most obnoxious and nauseating individuals it has ever been our displeasure to hear or read about.

- kool4katz, katzville

Brilliant article - those of us old enough, have seen this person arrogantly denying his involvement in atrocities, along with his henchmen, and is now exposed as someone who allowed his niece to live with the problems she had to endure, and still he goes on - now HE is the victim.
As said in the article, the IRA supposedly dealt with things in their own way, obviously not if it was the boss´s family then!!
People cannot be surprised at Adams´ reaction to this, it is his way, he is right and the rest of the world is wrong.
My heart goes out to his niece, who has had to resort to dealing with this more or less on her own, as her uncle certainly didn´t bother or care enough to do so!!
PS - it would be nice to go back to the old days, when they were not allowed to broadcast his or his cronies voices on TV or radio!!!

- petra, alicante, spain

It's difficult to be the companion & protector of IRA murderers and not be corrupt as Satan yourself. Since Adams has repeatedly defended vicious killing, traumatizing hundreds of little children by aiding their families' killers, I suppose his evil concealing the crimes of his father & brother must seem to his corrupt judgment like good in comparison.
Saw Adams' debate with Christopher Hitchens once and decided Adams was a man bordering on psychopath due to his hatred--he was almost incoherent with it--and incapable of doing or causing any good.

- Linda, Farmington, USA

I do hope that this murdering filth is not looking for sympathy or "understanding"- he'll get none from anyone I know.

- Keith Lonsdale, Doncaster

They also boasted about shooting drug-dealers... but only so they could take over the trade for themselves.

Same principle, really.

- Robert, Worcester UK

Not for the first time Dudley Edwards sheds crocodile tears. The only victims that matter to her are those that afford her an opportunity to attack Irish republicanism. How vile and odious is that? These events as they effect Gerry Adams will be better played out with logical analysis and fact just as they should do with the RUC using this event as a means to recruit informers. Its not the first time British Intelligence has used such matters of sexual abuse for its own nefarious purposes.

- Liam, Dublin

Mr Edwards

It is your hypocracy that is being shown.....you are indirectly commending the IRA for shooting Paedos and then calling them hypocrits for not shooting Adams father. If you could use your brain and realise that Adams wasnt a key figure until his 20s so no favouritisim could have been shown. Your Hypocracy is second only to your Numptyhead!!!

Plug in the brain Mr. Edwards!!!

- Jake Tuohy, Philly, USA

Ruth, your hatred of Adams is of your own concern. However, Ruth as a woman with a Catholic upbringing, I wonder what you would have done if you hadn't had such a prosperous childhood in Dublin courtesy of your English heritage, but had been born in Belfast and had to live through institutionalized sectarianism, and been burned out of your house by loyalist gangs or had a relative shot dead by the "peace keeping" british army. I'm not suggesting you would have joined the fight but i am merely suggesting that you would not take such a one sided narrow minded view of the last 40 years.

- PjlP, Belfast, North Of Ireland

If all the skeletons in the Adams family fell out of the cupboard the would fill a large room.

- colm, leeds

Little as I like Gerry Adams or his politics this is a family tragedy best left to professional agencies.

Not political muck raking.

- DormouseSaid, Exeter England

Gerry Adams has been silent all these years about the skeletons in his family closet because it suited him. For him to say today that the so-called achievements of his father are now meaningless is nothing less than extreme hypocrisy. He has known all along about this family secret and has never before belittled the work his father carried out on behalf of the IRA.

- Caroline Kennedy, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear Ann Merseyside...The killing was going on because of him you silly girl....

- JAMES, Splashstain

Brilliant article and I share your views on Adams - for whom I blame Blair and craving for sainthood.

How this man and his equally disgusting sidekick were ever allowed to walk free - let alone allowed in to parliment defies logic.

I can accept that many of his " freedom fighters" were driven by sheer national pride, so I hop ethey are equally disgusted that their "leader" cares little about them as long as he can play his power games in London.

Maybe he should start looking over his shoulder and worry about the opinions of his family minded troops.......

- Ex - Pat, Sydney Australia

A very well written & balanced article. Rotten rotten rotten to the core - that is Gerry Adams..... & no doubt now, despite his protestations to the contrary he is probably helping is brother to stay hidden from the law. He is to my mind as guilty as his brother. He could have & should have done a lot more to bring his brother to justice all those years ago & spared possibly other children from being molested - we don't know whether any were as up to now we only have Saint Gerry's (the great Catholic) word that there weren't but Liam was allowed to work with children for quite a long period of time. And now we read that is father was also an abuser....... is there no end to tragic Irish abuse stories? Maybe now those fools who idealize Gerry Adams will begin to see him in a different light & make sure he is not reelected to the Westminster Parliament at the next election.

- Marguerite Winton, Cape Town, South Africa

Nice one Ian of Bournemouth but Brown is too busy in Copenhagen and in Afganistan, encouraged in his mission by the wonderful arrangement put in place by his mate the war criminal Tony Bliar.

- john heppell, aldershot

So all that hot air the IRA used to spout about how they protect their community was utter claptrap. The IRA was just a front to make money, they didn't give a damn about their own people and this proves it. Shame on all you sanctimonious people who have supported the IRA over the years.

- Pete, Essex

An excellent article which highights the utterly despicable hypocrisy of Adams - and yes, his arrogance and self-righteousness are a huge part of what makes him so odious. Spot on, Ruth!

- Karyn, Belfast

More bile from Dudley Edwards. Today Gerry Adams, yesterday Teddy Kennedy...before that Ken Loach for daring to make a film that showed British atrocities.....

Its not the garbage mutterers like Dudley Edwards that have brought relative peace to Ireland- its men like Adams who have come together with Unionist politicians to try to forget the past and to build bridges. Of course he has a past and an agenda but spare us the lectures today of all days when evidence emerges that the British army were water boarding untried suspects in N. Ireland as far back as the 70's.

No sides emerge from those dark days with real credit but let us respect those that have brought an end closer!

Jumping on Gerry Adams due to a family crisis really plumbs new depths even for Ruth.

- Ed Burns, Hong Kong

That's because it was Gerry giving the orders! The peace was a gross appeasement of terrorism allowing Adams and his ilk to profit from their evil crimes and assume a mantle of respectibility from those who either don't know better, or even worse choose to look the other way. Blood on their hands uniting Adams and Blair.

- alimac, Berkshire

"I have always abhorred Adams, not just because I knew him to have been from the early 1970s a pitiless leader of the brutal IRA, but because he was additionally a smug, complacent, self-righteous liar and hypocrite who persuaded the gullible that he was a spiritually minded, caring, tree-hugging peacenik."

You know what strikes me? Change the name and date and details of the organisation, and you could be talking about Blair.

Excellent article, agree wholeheartedly. This scum should be rotting in a hole somewhere, not lording it at the head of part of the executive. When is he going to stand trial for his war crimes, since he himself considered it a war?

- Britexpat, Europe

It would be a sign of intelligence if the British people was more fond of Gerry Adams.... But, whatever.

- Swift Malone, Lisbon, PT

Gerry Adams has said that while he might not have followed absolutely the textbook approach to dealing with a paedophile, it is the fault of the police and the social services that his brother wasn't dealt with. For his part, he was trying to deal with family problems in a 'therapeutic way. . . there's only so much an individual can do - it's up to the agencies'.

Ah the usual excuse of the cowardly scum sucking wastes of society - it's not my fault, it's not my responsibility - you're brother was a pedo, you should have hauled him in front of the courts and that's doing the "nice" option. He may of been your brother but she was your kin too.

- Dave, Birmingham...

Just let Adams old IRA group deal with it.

- This-Happy-Breed., Hertford-England

Rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying 'Chickens, roost, home, come, to. Now tell us something that doesn't completely fit the odious Gerry Adams.

- mike randall, worcester england

A refreshingly honest article.

The law abiding British citizens of Northern Ireland have always maintained that the IRA are the real enemies and should never have been allowed set foot in a British parliament. Is it not strange that Sinn Feinn/IRA received so many votes from the Roman Catholic population? The equivalent thugs on the loyalist never received anything but the most derisory number of votes.

It is a tragedy of epic proportions that successive governments have done all in their power to appease these terrorists.

- David, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Remind me: how much is this man being paid by the British taxpayer?

- Les, Middlesbrough, UK

The man was busy at the time trying to get peace in Ireland. The killing would still be going on if it was not for him. I am sorry for Aine. He is a spokes man for the IRA

- Ann, Merseyside

What I find interesting here is that when the abuse was revealed to the girl's mother she went not to the IRA or Sinn Fein but to the much hated and reviled RUC! It seems that even in the very heart of Republicanism there was at least a grudging respect for the Police in NI, contrary to the endless propaganda telling Nationalists that they couldn't trust the Police. What's more, the Police maintained the confidentiality of the victim in accordance with her wishes and those of her mother at a time when for effect of Saint Gerry's brother to be revealed as a brutal incestuous paedophile could have had an enormous impact on the whole Republican "cause". Where I wonder, was the Brits infamous "Dirty tricks " department, a consistent feature of Republican propaganda (and folklore) when all this was going on? Meanwhile, Gerry the sanctimonious hypocrite knew all and said nothing, in effect he "colluded" with the rape of a child, his niece. What a marvellous man he is!

- PaulM, Hull

After this has blown over why not ask some serious questions about the high profile individuals here who were involved in the Kincora business...? the systematic abuse of young boys over a number of years at the Kincora youth home by politicians, judges, police...and yet not one damn thing has ever been done about it. The RC church is proving to be a great distraction for certain people right now...

I thought we cared about kids here...

- Merry, belfast UK

Well well well, tell us loyal unionist somthing new will you ... we have been betrayed and then betrayed a little more. Then again even an Englishman finds himself in hot water if he so desires to express any form of Britishness. Adams and his cronies were in bed with washington & ( elements in london for decades).

- M. McCracken, Belfast United Kingdom

I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I've never felt Adams was a man of peace, as he claimed to be. This whole issue only deepens my disgust of him. From the sounds of it he sold his young niece down the river to preserve his own political persona. Much like the roman catholic church in Ireland come to think of it. Read the Murphy Report.

- Rose, Ireland

have top be honest i personally abhor Ruths political views on republicanism but she is 100 percent right ,Gerry Adams covered up these horrendous crimes on his neices and his own siblings and no reason in the world will ever justify that he should hang his head in permanent shame

- martyn mcblaine, antrim n ireland

A truly vile despicable family, while his brother was sexually abusing his children good old gerry was blowing other children and their mothers into a thousand pieces somebody pass me a sick bag.

- jim, cumberland

I don't want this evil hypocrite on my TV.

- tony, bridlington yorkshire

The IRA was a mafia run by violent and ruthless men.

That's all that worth saying about them.

Aine's story is very, very sad, but hardly suprising.

- Alex Foster, Sydney, Oz

I totally agree with the author of this article, this "man" has blood on his hands and now chooses to voice an opinion and court further popularity on the back of his own relatives suffering. Aine is a braver and more credible person than her uncle will ever be, Hang your head in shame Adams and remember all the fatherless children that you have caused so much suffering.

- richie, cheshire

An excellent article Ruth and hopefully Adams will at last get what he deserves. Just a shame Martin McGunness isn't along side him.

- alex, hereford, england

Dear Ruth

Congratulations on your excellent article. Thank you for putting so succinctly exactly what I've been thinking (and have always thought of Gerry Adams!)


- Madeleine Ellis, Perth, WA

OK Ruth, I think you've said enough to get the Adams family hung drawn and quartered, if as was claimed 'they look after their own'. We'll see.

- mick blair, thailand

Hypocritical scum Adams just trying to put a spin on it to save his ow pathetic neck! What goes around, comes around! He knowingly covered this up so is just as guilty!
This man should be in jail, not parliament!

- Seamus, TCI

How can he take any high moral ground when he directed a murder campaign in Ulster for decades, that bloke is as bad as his dreadful brother for he did deeds so dreadful in my name, his brother did them for his own gratification, both revolting people. My sympathy and prayers to Aine Tyrell suffering awful acts by her father... May you recover when Justice is done.

- Denis, Queensland, Australia

Love that phrase,"almost colluded with". When are the gutless British going to start using language as it is meant to be used. English is a wonderful language for describing things.
Gerry Adams is an evil man, responsible for the deaths of many of my former army colleagues. As "collateral damage", he and the IRA were responsible for killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children. As one who was in Belfast City centre on the 21st of July 1972, I remember.
He has colluded in the commission of any crime his brother committed, since he knew of his abuse of his niece. Funny another case of don't do as I do, do as I say.
As the brother hasn't been seen in 15months, who says the IRA have not shot him?

- Michael Henry, Dalian, China

I totally agree with Ruth's assessment of this awful man Gerry Adams. I heard the radio interview and could not believe his answers. He has always been the supreme master of talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time!. He managed to infer that it was the fault of the PSNI and their forerunners the RUC, by not fully investigating the allegations at the time, that his brother has gotten away with this most heinous of all crimes! Not once did he bear any blame himself although admitting that he was well aware of his neice's torment. The police were probably working with their hands tied because of their political master negotiation behind the scene, and anything that would "jeopardise the peace process" would have been frowned upon so a child was sacrificed by all, especially by her uncle ,Gerry Adams, Three words to you Mr.Adams, as you try to save your dreams of becoming the President of an all Ireland ...SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!

- karen(ex pat), Dublin, Ireland

Adams is so Hypocritical he would be at home in the Labour party with Brown Bliar and their Cohorts.


I agree with you 100 per cent. Cosying up to this hypocrite is something else Blair might now have to try and excuse.

- Callan, Liverpool, England

I agree with every word you've written gerry adams has a lot to answer for

- diane, middlesbrough


© Ruth Dudley Edwards