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Sunday 13 March 2016


The frank confessions of an unrepentant lackey

Casting around for a scapegoat, Gerry Adams naturally blamed the press

Blame game: Sinn Fein vice-president Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams with elected candidates at Leinster House, Dublin. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins
Blame game: Sinn Fein vice-president Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams with elected candidates at Leinster House, Dublin. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

'Be in no doubt," Gerry Adams wrote in his post-election blog, "that republicans would have done marginally better but for the barrage of negative campaigning that was targeted at Sinn Fein by the establishment parties and their lackeys in the conservative press… which probably cost one or two points and several seats."

Oh, good. It's reassuring to have it from the horse's mouth that we lackeys didn't labour in vain.
Those not used to being insulted by Sinn Fein supporters on a regular basis should know they use also such "lackey" synonyms as "toady", "lickspittle, "bootlicker" and "stooge". This lackey can speak only for herself. I could write at huge length about why I care so intensely that my country should reject Sinn Fein, but for now, here are just a few reasons.

I believe the people who control the party are still those Northerners who ran a brutal and futile IRA campaign that, for 30 years, blighted the lives of hundreds of thousands; who stopped killing only because they were beaten to a standstill by the security forces on both sides of the border; and who will use any means available, criminal or otherwise, to gain or keep power.

Those leaders are fascists, in the sense of the synonyms "authoritarian", "totalitarian", "despotic", "anti-democratic" and "militarist". They like to keep their followers poor, ignorant, fearful, bigoted and obedient. Before they decided to become "peacemakers", I listened to many disgusting speeches in Northern Ireland from senior Shinners, inciting murderous hatred of soldiers, police, prison officers, unionist politicians and Orangemen.

In 1997, after two years of mayhem, death and injury caused by disputes over Orange parades that tore communities apart, Adams was secretly recorded by RTE bragging to party members that three years of Sinn Fein activity "went into creating that situation, and fair play to those people who put the work in".

I know something of what their rule with guns, explosives, baseball bats, iron bars, intimidation and indoctrination did to those areas they controlled. West Belfast, which the IRA made a no-go area for investors - and where Adams was MP from 1983-1992 and from 1997 until 2011, when his ambitions took him south - has by far (at around 20pc) the highest numbers of claimants of disability benefits in the UK.

This is not only because so many were injured in body and mind during the Troubles, mostly by the IRA, but because Sinn Fein actively encourages welfare dependency.

The Northern leadership loathe and despise what to them is always "the Free State" that let them down. They have utter contempt for its institutions, which they seek to subvert for their own ends.
Look at what happened in the Dail on Thursday, when Gerry Adams promised "every assistance and support" to Sean O Fearghail, the new Ceann Comhairle, the first elected by secret ballot.

"Running riot", as Miriam Lord described it in the Irish Times, Sinn Fein TDs demanded policy decisions no one could implement, and flouted the rules and conventions to enrage other parties and try to intimidate Mr O Fearghail.

Mary Lou McDonald, who had made the life of Sean Barrett, his predecessor, a misery (and who was so ungracious that she refused to join the rest of the Dail in applauding him), so annoyed Mr O Fearghail with her insincerity, that on his first day in the new job, he was driven to describe her comments "as deeply cynical".

Sinn Fein is a slavish cult, not a political party. It has a leader who has been the unopposed president of his party for 32 years.

Explaining last week that it wasn't for the parliamentary party to take the decision to back Adams for Taoiseach, Eoin O Broin stated its TDs follow instructions from the (non-elected) Ard Comhairle; he didn't mention members include prominent people with an IRA past. Deputies do not consort with the enemy, for friendships outside the faithful are discouraged.

They are not reformers and radicals: policy is to go back, culturally, to a period when Irish nationalist myths were unquestioned and money was thrown at hopeless attempts to revive the Irish language.

As for their leader? Nominating him for Taoiseach, Ms McDonald spoke of his "qualities of strong leadership, courage and perseverance". Fair enough, though they've been employed for bad ends.
"He has clearly shown that he is willing to reach out to, listen to and work with those who have opposed him," she added. What is the woman on?

I recently came across something I wrote in 2003, which referred to Gerry Adams's "duplicity, hypocrisy, ruthlessness, opportunism, arrogance, coldness, sanctimoniousness, vanity, pomposity and pretension". And that was before I knew about the covering up of child abuse, and his penchant for being surrounded by servile women crying "I believe Gerry".

I'm diligently bringing my adjectives up-to-date by adding "self-pity, sentimentality, bullying, phoniness and desperate need for adulation", but I expect I've missed a few.

I hope I've make it clear why this lackey feels a bit negative.

Ruth Dudley Edwards' 'The Seven: the life and legacies of the founding fathers of the Irish Republic' will be published by Oneworld on March 22

Ruth Dudley Edwards

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