Victor Gollancz, a biography

Victor Gollancz, a biography: coverEvery summer throughout Northern Ireland, tens of thousands of Protestants parade; wearing bowler hats and collarettes and carrying banners with biblical and historical scenes, they are viewed by outsiders as triumphalist bigots lording it over the minority population. However, to the members of the loyal institutions, they are merely commemorating the courage of their forefathers, proudly celebrating hard-won civil and religious freedoms, and demonstrating their loyalty to God and the Crown.

During the last few years, organised opposition to parades has led to violent confrontations. Hopelessly inept at public relations, the Ulster Protestants stay silent while their heritage and traditions are traduced around the world. In The Faithful Tribe, Ruth Dudley Edwards gives them their voice. She examines their history, traditions and symbolism, records their fears and their joys, and explains how their parades have so often been the symbolic battleground of the tribal struggles of Northern Ireland.

Victor Gollancz, a biography published by Gollancz, 782pp, Hardback £20.00. Available on Amazon.


Frequently gripping and always readable.

John Gross


One of the fullest and richest portraits of a contemporary individual we have had.

Anthony Curtis

Financial Times

Consistently enthralling and a brilliant achievement.

Hillary Rubinstein


I would trust anyone’s life to Ruth Dudley Edwards.

Terence De Vere White

Irish Times

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